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PINTHIS!Watched these two generous friends tie the knot around a decade ago and enjoying parenthood with them for an hour or so each year has been such a delight. I LOVE how sweet they each are to the other and how much joy Lilli has brought out in both of her parents. Her sweet and free spirit sets a playful fire in their family – love it. Enjoy!


  • Inge - Pretty!!!

PINTHIS!Joy.  That’s the place to start when talking about these two and their families.  Their day was wrung out of joy from start to finish.  I’ve known Amber for a long time and if you know her at all, you know she has one of the most compassionate, caring and loving hearts out there.  When I photographed their engagement sesh I was filled up with that same joy knowing she’s got Josh to enjoy life with.  He’s such an encourager, a hoot to be around and very concerned with the joy and well being of others.  These two, y’all – so much fun and it was truly a day full of all the feels.

From the minute they exchanged cards, the tears and laughs were flowing on both sides and kept on through the night.  So many sweet touches and so many great people.  Amber’s friends were a hoot, Josh’s brothers and father so sweet and invested in his happiness and enjoyment that day.  Amber’s Momma even completed quite the surprise father-daughter dance.  You see, Amber’s father passed away sometime ago, so when it came time for that traditional dance her sweet mother called her up for a dance, then passed her off to several men who have been prominent in Amber’s life.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  It was tremendous.  So sweet to see the faithfullness of many fathers to her while simultaneously watching her new hubby crying tender tears of his own, off stage.

The day was such a joy to experience, so easygoing and so full of love – focused on just the right things.  Amber and Josh I truly would love to shoot a million more engagements and weddings like yours.  Being with your families and experiencing your shared love and commitment was such a joy to my own heart as well as enjoying your guests and how they each enjoyed y’all.   I don’t want to overstate what a love-fest is was but…it’s the truth!  Enjoy y’all!  


  • Amber Attkisson - I LOVE all of these! I am so glad you were there to capture every moment!

PINTHIS!This session is so long overdue! You see, I photographed both of Kristin’s sister’s weddings, but she had already tied the knot before I came on to the scene. We’ve always reminisced that “if only” I could have been there. Since then, our paths have crossed at church and in motherhood and y’all… She has been such a gift to me through generous friendship and encouragement. She’s the kind of friend who is always giving and serving and thinking more about friendship than you are.

Both she and Brian love our family well and have served us in good seasons and not-so-good. So thankful for little boys so near in age, and super thankful we got these pictures in before they moved to Alabama and Florida for a stint where Brian is learning a bit more about flying helicopters and planes – a pretty neat boy-dad job if you ask me! Come back, soon, y’all!


PINTHIS!This little lady is very, very busy and only fit in a little time for me to make pictures of her face – ha!  She’s now a walking one-year-old and was super busy the evening I stopped by to make pictures.  Picking up sticks, looking for her brother, waving at cars…all the things.  I do think we got some sweet pictures of her busy little self and that show her kind and mischievous nature.  I also really love the image of her Momma carrying her back to the front of the house for the zillionth time.  Love when images look like how motherhood feels – wrestling a strong willed little person into some semblance of direction with a huge side of joy, laughter and a sprinkle of frustration that impossible to hold with all the little giggles.  I used to love photographing elementary aged children so much, honestly because they responded to direction, but there’s something really wonderful about the mystery of the toddler phase.  Where are they going?  What are they thinking?  And all the little surprise hellos, side glances and waves.  Reminds me in my adultness to take a few notes from the littles.  So good.  Enjoy!



This wedding won’t need my words, because the joy I’m getting ready to tell you about is written all over every single face in these images, but I’ll make a stab at it for there is so much goodness to be enjoyed past these photos.  I will also tell you that it was such a blessing to be there and I’m sure of it that everyone who headed home that day felt the same way.

Carlos and Hannah have this overflowing joy that reaches right into your heart and pulls you in.  First, any wedding that has me arriving at 7am and serving up bacon and brunch to guests: count me in!  I love that Hannah and Carlos opted for a brunch wedding, I also love that Hannah chose a second gown.  Second to the one she wore for their wedding in Ecuador just a bit prior to this one.  And for that story, I’ll need to rewind a bit.

I had the sweet gift of growing up alongside Hannah and her sister, Ashley.  We were raised in the same church community, their father as our pastor.  Hannah has long been a joy-bubble amongst friends, always going her own way and following her heart’s desire, which is likely what led her to the people of Ecuador many years ago.  I can’t do any of that time in her life justice, but I can tell you that she is fluent is Spanish these days, found a deep love with Carlos and has brought so much richness into her family and community by her (and Ashley’s!) love for other nations.  A few weeks prior her family traveled to Ecuador to celebrate their marriage with a wedding there.  As for their American celebration, I haven’t been to a wedding in quite a long time that embodied such a wonderful time had by so many, despite some language barriers and many meeting Carlos for the first time.

From the minute Hannah slipped into her gown and headed out for a first look with her Dad, tears were falling – both tender tears and joyful ones.  We then headed down near a pond and yet another first look, this time with Carlos, that brought two big smiles sprinkled with a few more tears.  When I first met  with Hannah about wedding photos  and asked her about Carlos, she quickly mentioned how handsome he was, how fun and that he has just the biggest smile that lights up any room.  A bit ironic: if you swapped handsome for beautiful, the same is certainly said of Hannah.  So sweet to experience the fun they have together and the way they brought joy and giant smiles to many, all day.

Hannah’s Dad walked her down the aisle and gave her away for Carlos to lift Hannah’s blusher, then turned to marry them.  I love that her Dad was able to both give her away and marry them.  After the ceremony, we made some portraits and got right to celebrating.  You’d think a brunch-time wedding would be a calm affair – not when it starts with two salsa dances followed by a surprise dance where the father of the bride (who I’d assume nearly no one has seen dance…) seriously cut a rug with his little girl.  So.  Much.  Fun!  Guests were both surprised and having the best time.

Hannah and Carlos, I could go on for days about how I saw the fruit of lives lived joyfully and in service to others, but I won’t.  I’ll simply say thank you for having me along to make beautiful pictures, to experience beautiful love amongst a community of people I so enjoy and hold so dear.  It was a gift and one day I hope to see little salsa dancing babies with smiles as big as yours!  Also, any wedding where people ask if the sausage is Purnell’s and do several ‘It’s goooood’ impersonations is a place I want to be.  Loved it all!


PINTHIS!So exciting to hear from this sweet family earlier this summer!  Many years ago I got to photograph Eric and Jennifer’s wedding in Southern Indiana.  What a distinct joy to get to meet their two daughters and spend an evening making family photos as a family gift to their matriarch.

Loved getting to meet all your little grandchildren, Larry and Debbie!  Such a sweet blessing to have so many little girls running around, even if it’s a little wild to try and get them all looking at the same time.  I certainly went home that night exhausted of making all my weird, little-kid noises.  Enjoy the sweet joy and love of family that these images are rich with!


PINTHIS!Oh, these sweet friends of mine.  I love soooo much, how these images feel like being with Josh, Melissa and their sons.  It’s fun and laughter the whole time and there’s no space for taking yourself too seriously.  So good.


These images feel like it feels to watch Josh and Melissa parent – so.  much.  joy.  We took a spin around downtown Shelbyville, a place that is both home and community through and through for these two.  The Settles’ pastor a church on the same street they both head to work on and live on.  I love how this years family images incorporate so many key places for their family and even Ellie, their sweet golden!  Enjoy!



  • Penny - These are great!

PINTHIS!After I spent a chilly morning with Austin and Emily this spring, shooting their engagement pictures, I was super pumped for their wedding.  These two are easy going and full of gentle fun.  They are both so present with their people, a trait that will surely serve them well in marriage.  I loved being with them on their wedding day as they focused on spending their time and attention on others and really getting to enjoy their people and celebrate with them.  So sweet!

Our morning started at Immaculate Conception Church in LaGrange, Ky., Emily’s home church.  The first look Emily shared with her father was so dear and left them both glowing.  Loved seeing him, see Emily for the first time in her gown – so proud.  After the ceremony, the bridal party hopped in a limo and headed to the University of Louisville’s campus.  We made pictures around the school of engineering where the couple met and attended school.  Loved their choice of red for the bridal party as UofL’s plantings all echoed their color scheme!  Once we wrapped up some joyful portraits at various places around campus we headed downtown for the reception.

Once we got to the Seelbach, the bridal party had a few minutes to make some classic portraits and refresh with some hors d’oeuvres before they headed up to the top floor to celebrate.  I loved how elegant and classic the reception space was.  The golden room was filled to the brim with smiling friends and family ready to enjoy and celebrate with Emily and Austin.  The words that were shared that evening were a strong testament to both Emily and Austin’s kind, joyful and fun characters.  After a plated dinner, the cake was cut, champagne popped and the guests danced the night away.

Emily and Austin, Thanks so much for choosing me to tag along on your big day.  I truly enjoyed meeting your family and friends and so enjoyed the ease of your love and the richness of your relationships with those you love, who clearly love you both deeply.  


PINTHIS!From our time together at WKU, when Kelsey called me to ask about making pictures for her wedding, I was stoked!  It’s always such a high complement when someone who has studied photography trusts you with one of their most important life milestones.  So thankful for the opportunity to join Kelsey and Brad on the banks of the Ohio where they vowed to love one another til death.

Their wedding venue, Riverside at the Farnsley-Moremen landing was gorgeous.  The bridal party got dressed in the chapel area, then hopped across the property to this beautiful, historic home where the wedding was to be held.  The summer heat broke just enough to give us that gorgeous light of summer without too much discomfort, too.  Gorgeous light, beautiful people and a lovely bride and we were set for their golden hour ceremony.  Right behind the historic home is an open meadow that stood between the ceremony and the Ohio River.  So many truly lovely spaces for portraits after they were wed – I love a few too many of them, really.

Once Brad and Kelsey said their “I dos” we moved across property again to an outdoor lodge space of sorts.  The open air venue was perfect for a bar-b-q dinner amongst friends.  Children played in the field nearby, guests grabbed flip flops more fit for celebrating and the DJ kept everyone busy celebrating.  I so enjoyed both of their families and guests who were present to celebrate and encourage the bride and groom.  So much family, a lot of sweet and heartfelt moments and tons of fun.  Enjoy!



PINTHIS!What a sweet summer day was my time with Amanda and Bryan.  Being around them and enjoying their families was truly a joy.  Their day started at Sand Spring Baptist Church for their wedding a reception and ended with a quick little hop over to Four Roses distillery for some portrait time.  These two had a sweet afternoon ceremony filled with family and close friends.  Amanda’s mother walked her down the aisle to Bryan, who had his brother serving as his best man.  A family member married them and we enjoyed the beautiful church and weather for portraits inside and out.

Their reception was filled to the brim with fellow Western Kentucky University grads (Go TOPS!), so we made a group portrait with lots of red towels.  They played the ‘shoe game’ which is making quite a comeback and many laughs were had by all.  I have to say I’m quite a fan of the moments, laughter and joy that this game solicits.  After the traditional fun had concluded, we headed across the street to Four Roses Distillery for some portraits amidst more traditional Kentucky visuals.

Amanda and Bryan, I so enjoyed our time together when we shot engagement photos and your wedding day surpassed that.  You family and friends were so kind, warm and easy to be with.  Bryan, your bride was so concerned with the the happiness and comfort of everyone on what is usually seen as ‘her’ wedding day – such a gift.  Thanks for having me – I hope these images are a sweet reminder of young love for many years to come!  Enjoy!


PINTHIS!Met up with little Vann and his family on a much cooler evening than a couple years before at their summer mini session.  Vann’s long hair was totally the same, but he came with a sweet little addition: his sister, Emerson.  These two are so sweet together – Vann’s little, old-man ways and Emerson’s easy going and content nature made for some fun images.  As usually Mallori is a rockstar at motherhodo and is so compassionate and encouraging with her little kiddos – a sweet encouragement to this Momma, even.  Love getting to see these guys a little more as they move back to the bluegrass.  Enjoy!


PINTHIS!Four going on five littles and when Cristina sent me an email to let me know they’d like to do a family lifestyle session before they added their fifth babe (a boy!) I was too pumped.  I’ve photographed these guys since they tied the knot and have enjoyed their children so much.  They wanted to shoot on her grandmother’s farm before it possibly was no longer an option for enjoying.  Y’all know I love an heirloom or tradition more than the next guy.  So good.  Love the whispy grass, the girls’ dresses and the way we just wandered all over.  Free range babies.

I also adore the way both Patrick and Cristina calmly meet all the needs of this little pack, with joy.  It is such an encouragement in a stage of life that can be utterly exhausting.  It’s easy to watch shows like Parenthood and long for an adult crew of kids so close together, but the thought of them so small overwhelms me.  Being around the Dahlgrens makes even the little days with a crew so close together seem so easy and enjoyable.  I hope you can feel that same sweet intimacy between the children that I got to experience.  The way they all play with one another, yet each have their own strong personalities.  They way they’re each adored by their parents.  So good and such a blessing to me to spend a morning with them.  Love y’all – mean it!


PINTHIS!For many years, I’ve known sweet Amber through church and friends and her pharmacy workings.  She is such a sweet, kind soul while simultaneously being a tender, joy.  Her heart for others is evident in her interactions and her spunky kindness is pervasive from the first sentence of shared conversation.  Just so fun to be around, so you can imagine my delight when Josh shares her easygoing nature and bring loads of laughs and carefree into the equation.

Met up with these two on a breezy spring morning and hopped all around the park with them.  They were so willing to wander anywhere with me which makes me super excited for their wedding this fall.  Lots of stories and laughs and excited chatting about wedding plans.  Just so easygoing and happy to be with them.  Excited for this fall, sweet Amber – and thankful you came along to take care of this wonderful woman, Josh!  Enjoy!


PINTHIS!On a crisp Saturday morning, I got to meet up to laugh lots (and make a few photos…) with Amanda and Bryan. They, too, were once Hilltoppers so I nearly jumped when she mentioned WKU as a springtime possibility. If you know WKU at all, that means cherry blossoms for days.

So fun to be there on a quiet weekend morning amidst all the flowers and breeze.

These two kind souls have also been incredibly gracious as I went downhill the day after their session with a severe case of mono. Last weekend they had a lovely wedding, which I’m excited to share with you, soon! Thankful for their grace in this season of catch up! Enjoy!


PINTHIS!Do you remember the gorgeous Sara and her hubby, Will from these sweet engagement photos or their amazing Huber’s Winery wedding?  When they got in touch to have me photograph their expectant baby bump, I was too excited.  We met up on a chilly morning and talked about squishy babies and all the nursery touches and bows set up for their season of becoming a family.  Love the simple joy in these and I love that Vera will get to see images of her beautiful momma before she was out and about, soaking in all the cuddles.  Enjoy!


PINTHIS!After a long few weeks of being out with a rough case of mono, I’m verryyy sloowwwlly getting back to posting what I’ve been shooting this spring. Super excited to share lots of sweet folks starting with my new, teeny niece, Savannah.

My sister, Sara, and her husband, Justen, welcomed this sweet little gal back in March.  She weighed in a bit over 8 pounds and had the fuzziest head of dark hair.  Was so sweet to see her brother Harrison checking her out in between bites of snack and rounds of play.  Also fun to see how similar they look!  Enjoy!


2016-11-30_0001PINTHIS!Ohhhh, it brings me such joy to even be able to make these sweet images off the street where Carissa and I formed a lot of memories.  My bestie has moved back from Alabama and I couldn’t be more excited to be able to follow little Lula around a field, in search of moments that are ‘perfectly Lula.’  I have to say these images hit the nail on the head: busy, vivacious, joyful, saucy, with a side of warrior.  It’s been a joy to walk into motherhood together but even more fun to be able to raise kiddos near one another and so fun for me to create images that embody my dear friend and her wild child.  Enjoy!


  • Carissa - These are so beautiful and you are so right- you captured our wild girl PERFECTLY!!


Each time I visit the Ways, I so enjoy seeing their little boys and working in their beautiful home.  This visit was no exception and was even a bit more fun as both boys are busy and have plans of their own.  Such a sweet challenge to get little smiles and conversations out amidst their busyness.  Never a challenge to work in their home, that overflows with intention and beauty.  They even sent me home with a bursting bag of jalapeños from their garden.  Love it!  Enjoy!


2016-11-21_0001PINTHIS!Let me introduce you to some of our dearest friends: Tony, Lindsey and Brynn.  First time I met them was at their wedding.  Yep.  Not a word spoken before I walked in to see Lindsey get dressed.  Pretty fitting, as I think about it, because they’re the friends we’ve done real life with.  We’ve showed up with candygrams left for Linds when Tony was deployed, we’ve watched COPS for way too many hours on a annual Veteran’s Day DC trip, plotted for our kids to marry and talked through a bucketful of high times and low periods.

When they said they’d be in Kentucky – all 3- and want to make some pictures, I was jazzed to give a little back of what they’ve given us: sweet memories.  Then, as the Lord had it, Lindsey’s sister would be passing through with her boys as they headed to meet up with her love in their new Colorado home and could we also add in the grandparents before all the grandkids were spread further across the country?  Absolutely!  Pair all that with a little rain and we ended up hanging out in a sweet tobacco barn to document how life feels, with who was near.  I love the sweet simplicity of these documents of a sassy toddler and fall togetherness.  Enjoy!



2016-11-11_0017PINTHIS!If you’re a Momma, you know that wrangling more than zero children into doing what you’d like, at the appointed time you’ve chosen is essentially nuts.  Sweet Jenna and Gabe have a quiver full of littles and they were such a joy to coax into mingling with the help of our dear friends: gummy and bear.  Really.  I quite enjoy the challenge of finding the right balance of hug your sister and don’t choke your brother too much.

I’ll also never tire of hearing little hearts answer my questions about their people.  I loved hearing little Eleanor say that the best parts about her parents are the time they spend playing with her, together.  Busy Teddy John was chatting it up about the tractors and construction equipment across the field while cuddly Finn was just glad to be full and rolling around in some grass with family.  Hope these sweet images are a dear and real reminder of this often intense, yet rich season.  Enjoy!


2016-11-11_0002PINTHIS!We met up on an overcast evening just before the light dropped.  Little Whitley and I had a few chats, she poked at some crickets and shared her little heart with the wind while rocking in her little, white seat.  Love that these feel like hanging out with her.  Love this sweet age of confusing conversations, smiles that feel like they come straight from her heart and the way those baby hairs twist around.  Winsome Whitley.



Got to meet up with some of my favorite fellas and their sweet Momma at Blackacre one recent evening.  I LOVE seeing Brodie with his big brothers.  They are both so sweet with him and enjoy tossing him around, pulling up his saggy, toddler britches and making him laugh.  I love that for this year Christmas cards and photo stuff they focused more on these 3 handsome fellas over doing mostly family photos.  Fun to switch it up where there’s a sweet brother dynamic like this one.  Enjoy!


louisville-kentucky-senior-1203PINTHIS!On one of the first cool evenings I met up with Seth and his sweet Momma in LaGrange.  They picked the awesome City Place to do photos and I’m so glad they did.  Such a fun and modern addition to LaGrange, Ky. that I always forget about.  I think we knocked out a bunch of sweet images in a that short amount of time.  I’m really loving minis for seniors, especially guys, these days.  We can get so much done! louisville-kentucky-senior-1204PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1205PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1206PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1207PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1208PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1209PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1210PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1211PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1212PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1213PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1214PINTHIS!louisville-kentucky-senior-1215PINTHIS!

shelby-hills-farm-summer-kentucky-wedding-navy-green-001PINTHIS!Kelsi and Andy’s wedding day started off with amazing weather for July.  This year’s July 4th weekend was all but a washout, except for a beautifully cool and bright, overcast Saturday.  Kelsi and her ladies started the day preparing at Shelby Hills Farm.  I just loved her shoes and her gown, from Twirl Boutique.

Before things got to going, we were able to make some portraits of both the ladies and the gentlemen up in the gorgeous open field Shelby Hills boasts.  After everyone was tucked away and ceremony ready, their pastor prayed for everyone via phone so all could participate without the groom seeing his bride.  The flower girls and ring bearer were ready to march down the aisle, followed by the bridal party and family – all in a quiet build for Kelsi to walk down the aisle, arm-in-arm with her father.  Andy’s ear-to-ear grin was a joy to see and how about Kelsi’s sweet glances in his direction all ceremony long?  Love it.

After the two were wed, we enjoyed a good bit of time for portraits and headed into the reception.  Guests enjoyed the meal and prepared for all the yummy flavors of cake.  If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it one zillion times: I love when brides choose to do a cutting cake and a variety of other desserts or cakes.  But you must also know my love language is probably cake and their chocolate rendition fit the bill.

Being July 4th weekend, the couple’s sparkler exit was fitting and even was highlighted by fireworks the neighboring folks were setting off.  Kelsi and Andy, can’t wait to see you grow as you love one another and give your lives in service to our children through the school systems.  You are both such special folks.  Thankful for your friendship, thankful Andy has just enough sass to compete with you, my sweet friend.  Enjoy!


Biggest thanks, too, to Whitney of Whitney Lee Photography who was so much more than just a help to my very pregnant self at this wedding.  Many of these great images are hers, too, and she joyfully completed all crawling, squatting and rolling around in the grass required to serve these folks well.


family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-134PINTHIS!First things first: I love this session!  We got the most gorgeous weather to photograph the Evans family at Old Blue Ribbon Farm in Eminence, Ky.  This lifestyle session was a combo pack of lots and all of it wonderful.  Jill has this sweet Dodge Dart and Shasta trailer that she rents (!!) and from the minute she told me about this combo and her quilt collection that she’d be bringing along, I knew we were a perfect match.

You’ll see a bunch of family images, a handful of images that include Jill’s parents (her father manages the farm and a handful of connected properties!  BONUS: they are a gorgeous venue for weddings, so check that out, brides) and many photos of her oldest, son, who is a senior.  Aside from loving the venue, I loved all the different avenues and things to photograph.  Her son, Clay, is a fisherman so we incorporated his boat and fishing stuff near to the pond, too.  We worked in both of the gorgeous white barns and around the main house.  So much whitewash made my heart so glad!

When it came to Jill’s immediate family photos with the Shasta and Dart, I LOVED all the quilts she brought along.  You may have noticed her sewing studio, Stash, on Bardstown Road.  My most favorite quilt of all was the one she sits next to when we made portraits of her inside the renovated trailer.  Each square is a little trailer – so great!  And did I mention that she restored and decorated that gem of a camper by herself?  Love it!

Such a great use for a lifestyle session – we got so much done in a couple hours and met a bunch of needs for her.  Love these fun memories!

farm-weddings-kentucky-640PINTHIS!Today is a dreary Thursday.  A Thursday filled with busy hustling as I work to complete the last of my work before we welcome our baby home some time this month.  My list includes a lot of normal editing tasks and one: ‘Quire 2011 photos’.  To be honest, I’ve put off the request for a few months, because it involved grabbing hard drives that are stored away and poking around on them to find images – much easier than the giant task that my brain makes it out to be.

In 2011, Rural King asked for some local farmer photos.  I didn’t have any from our area so I called up some client-friends and asked if I could chase them around a handful of fields.  They obliged and I ran around with a stuffy nose the rest of the week because I wasn’t prepared for the dust.  Nothing came of the images, mostly because the king’s budget was ‘free’ and well….they couldn’t even toss in some popcorn, so that ended that.  The images have sat on my harddrive for 5 years.  Untouched.  I had sent the farming family an image or two afterwards to thank them for the trouble.  Thought about it, well….never again.

Until last summer when I photographed Karol and Bruce’s engagement.  While we waited for Bruce to change clothes she asked about them.  Because her Daddy was ill and it was, indeed, his family that welcomed me out to their dusty fields.  A few months later, he passed away.  A few months after that Karol married her own farmer and mentioned the pictures again.  On this quiet, overcast Thursday, I pulled them back out, expecting to just send over the one I remember printing, but there were a basketful of them.

So this morning, when I’m tempted to find my job trivial, I’m reminded of all the images I passed along this year.   Some to a little boy whose father passed away suddenly, the 3 children who lost their mother to suicide who I photographed 9 years ago, too – and for free, as they were newly adopted and that’s my quiet gig.  It has always blessed me so much more than I could plan for to give images that help kiddos solidify their place in their forever family.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are my quiet favorites, too: because I get to hop on social media and read all the tales you post about the folks who raised you – and I get to review treasure after treasure in the images of your weddings and portraits we made together.  All sweet reminders in this tired season that there is purpose here past the showing up at the park, all the emails, the laziness that tells me pulling hard drives and being organized it too much work.

There is sweet joy in life, remembered.  May I remember that when I feel too tired to walk to the closet for my film camera to photograph my own people.  To my sweet clients of the past 11 years – thank you for letting me stand nearby when life is whirring about.  It continually blesses and forms me.  Looking forward, filled with joy, to the list of folks I get to spend time with this year and in years to come.

kentucky-spring-wedding-red-orchard-park-blush-555PINTHIS!These two sweet people were wed one Friday evening this spring.  I LOVE so much the blush and light blue tones as well as Ellie’s fantastic hair.  Such a treat to shoot and as you know, I love the Swishers and so enjoy being around their families.  You’ll recognize Ellie’s matron of honor, from her wedding last summer and a bunch of their guests, too!

The afternoon got started when Ellie slipped on her dress in the gorgeous tobacco barn at Red Orchard Park.  Mackenzie arrived with his groomsmen, adjusting bow ties and greeting family up until he and Ellie shared their first look.  We followed that up with a slew of sweet family photos and the children got tidied for the ceremony.  I cannot say enough good things about this venue.  I love how open the field is and how wild the tall grass feels, but also how tidy the property is.  Those white tobacco barns are such simple and gorgeous spaces to use for portraits and don’t get me started on the tree lined drive.

Mackenzie and Ellie’s ceremony was so sweet and full of family.  I loved watching Ellie walk down the aisle with her Dad and little brother.  The relationship Mackenzie shares with her family and father is also such a treat.  From handing the bride off to the toasts, it’s so easy to be joyful for these two ambitious folks.  To tie up the whole family affair, their guests enjoyed an evening of desserts made mostly by Mackenzie’s mother and others.  She even made their gorgeous, dotted wedding cake.  The kiddos enjoyed the candy bar while everyone passed around water to keep cool and Ale 8’s to keep Kentucky.


Thanks, sweet Swisher friends, for having me tag along to another Swisher wedding.  I so enjoyed spending time with your crew and the Morris’.  Such a blessing to have not just strong family and marriages all around you to, Mackenzie and Ellie, but also a tight-nit and affirming body of friends.  Can hardly wait to see how the Lord uses your work and marriage to bring glory to himself.  Enjoy!


Dress, Belt, Veil: Rebeccas Wedding Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Target

Flowers: Pathelen Flowers

Invitations: Basic Invite

Furniture and Props: Swisher Bros. Auction House


…as I whip through a lot of editing, I find that the odd ones are the photos I’m drawn to.  The off-beat, out of focus, almost-moments.  Something about the way they feel, feels like more of the real story to me.  Enjoy! red orchard park weddingPINTHIS!


There was plenty of Woodford present on this farm where the corn is grown for our Kentucky julep staple, but that wasn’t the half of what warmed everyone’s hearts. It was even quite a bit more than this stunning bride, who is more gorgeous inside, if you can believe that. Karol’s infectious laugh as she walked towards a tearful Bruce left not too many dry eyes in the barn. You’ll quickly see that there’s a genuine, palpable joy and connection between Bruce and Karol that spills over on those around them. I have so enjoyed watching Bruce’s reactions to Karol’s affection and her sweet and encouraging spirit come alongside an honorable man. Their wedding day was just moment after moment that comes from two people loving one another and others, so well.
There was something, too, about being in a place where hard work has grown a family through farming. Something about being in a place that is used to produce so much for our world out of the work of men’s hands. Magical, for me, when these places are turned into grounds for celebration that has an incomparable richness. It’s no secret I have deep affections for a slower way of life, long-held tradition and a long list of heirlooms. Karol loves so many of the things that I love – baking, wheat fields, genuine friendship – that this wedding is just bubbling over beauty. These two families coming together at the Langley’s farm, just around the corner from where I was raised, was a deep delight for me.
Thanks friends, for choosing me to tag along on this year of your adventure. I have so enjoyed wading in creeks with you, trying to put barn doors back up, convincing Bruce that weeds are beautiful flowers just waiting for my camera to arrive and being amongst those you love most. These images and the two other batches we made together are some of my most favorite in a long while and it has much more to do with who you are together, who you surround yourselves with and the way you make others feel. Hope we can keep sharing life’s little finds with one another- from home decor to gardening and that one day we’ll make cupcakes for eachother’s littles. So glad for y’all!
Big thanks, too, to Whitney Woodall of Whitney Lee Photography for helping my pregnant self around that day and making so many beautiful images in this mix. Thankful for your help!


Hair + Makeup: Abby Artistry
Catering: Linda Aldridge/ All the Way Shoppe

louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-093PINTHIS!Met up with this sweet, old friend from my high school days to get acquainted with her crew one misty morning.  We had a sweet time together, catching up and talking about their future plans.  For the past little while Carrie and her husband, Chris, have been renovating their sweet home together all the while pursuing a family to share their home with.  The long and short of it is after a bittersweet season of infertility and the loss of a daughter they’re eager to announce their paper pregnancy for a sweet babe through domestic adoption.  I literally could not be more excited for them nor more encouraged in the Lord from Carrie’s faithfulness throughout these seasons.  So excited to join up with them and make images they’ll be able to use in the process of sharing their life with the expectant Momma.

Many, many of you who tag along here also have big hearts for adoption and may be interested in a couple things the Shains are up to.  A gracious family member set up a GoFundMe account to help offset some of the costs the Shains will be facing and you can read a bit more about their journey here.  They’re also hosting a pretty hefty yard sale this Saturday morning, 8am-2pm on Whipp’s Mill Road, right behind the UofL Shelby campus.  It’ll be an easy find on that short bit of road.  They’ll be doing a drawing, too, for a $250 Walmart card – and at $5/chance who couldn’t give that a whirl?  And beyond that, I know they would be grateful for your prayers for a perfect placement, wisdom, peace and patience in the in-between as well as prayer for the birth mother of their baby, as she learns of the Shains and their hearts to provide a forever home to a sweet little one.  Thankful for the plans and direction the Shains are on and the opportunity to help and serve them in this season. Enjoy!

falls-of-the-ohio-jeffersonville-louisville-engagement-photos-119PINTHIS!From the first time I sat down over coffee, I knew Emily was my kinda gal.  Hard working doesn’t begin to describe her busy life as a nurse.  She’s the best kind, too, because she’s so easy going and full of laughter.  Enter Jeff: excellent match.

This particular Friday night that we met up at the Falls of Ohio was the first time I’d met him and he’s such a jovial match for Emily.  There was constant laughter, a relaxed comfort about these two that made me so excited to join with their family and friends this October in Somerset to document and celebrate their nuptials.  Can’t wait to see more navy and rivers with y’all and over-the-top excited that we’ll be celebrating under the fall bluegrass skies.  Enjoy!