Elizabeth Sharrett Louisville Family Photographer, is a moment loving portrait and wedding photographer based outside Louisville, Kentucky. LLP specializes in detail drive weddings, emotive families and beautiful babies. » Lifestyle family portraiture and moment rich wedding imagery shot and written about by Elizabeth Sharrett, Christ loving wife to Luke, witty mommy to Truman, chocolate addict, friend and photographer. Living in Kentucky, traveling America to tell wedding and life stories through photos.

2015-01-12_0009PINTHIS!What is lifestyle family photography?

Lifestyle family photography is an improved approach to the standard family portrait, a more authentic view of life.  Not necessarily better, as timeless family portraits are important, but lifestyle images have a beautiful depth and richness to them that traditional portraiture doesn’t offer.  My sessions cover anything from the standard family and kiddos to life with baby to engagements.

For starters, I’ll take time to get to know your family, understanding your values and the parts of life you most enjoy.  You’ll fill out a few questions for me to help us make a plan for the session.  We’ll shoot for 1-2 hours in your home and while I’ll be sure to make the standard family photo, we’ll push past that to document relationship.  Families, I’ll photograph your kiddos with each parent, by themselves, as siblings or just you with the hubby.  I’ll tag along for something we plan to do together: bath time, painting, baking – just something that you normally do together, that means much to your crew.

With new babies in the mix, I’m there to just document what life looks like, with a bit of added direction.  Sweet moments of Momma nuzzling her babe, cuddling up with Dad, teeny baby in those strong arms – all the sweet images you’ll enjoy remembering once the sleepless nights have passed.  I’ll photograph the nursery you worked so hard on and document this sweet time of getting to know your child.

This approach covers engagement sessions well, too.  We’ll chat locations together and plan to make great portraits first, then head to a place you love – out for pizza, stop at a baseball game or just an afternoon exploring the creek.

Whatever we do, I promise to make images that cut through the clutter and busyness of life and showcase your moments.  Finished images will be printed and presented as fine-art, bordered 4×6’s for you to hold and share, just like Mom used to do.  The tangible is so important.


Why should I love lifestyle as much as you?

Once my husband and I welcomed our son, Truman, I started to understand the joy that comes from passing images in our hallway of the richest and sometimes the tricky times of life.  There are moments of those first few trying and joyful weeks of baby’s life; tiny Truman in Luke’s big arms as they talked in the nursery, sweet bath time giggle-faces, though we’ve really only scratched the surface as Truman is still a wee fella.  My dear Luke is a photographer also, so I am so privileged to live within a constant photo stream of our life.  This is both helpful to my mind that so easily forgets and my heart that often needs softened in the hard hours of Mommyhood.

When I look at my work as a whole, the images I love most deeply are those that have context.  Those images that tell a story of messy bedrooms, family pets, artfully clad refrigerators and daily routines.  Have you ever heard Taylor Swift’s song, Never Grow Up?  Everytime, every. single. time. that I listen to that dang song I melt into a puddle.  The portions that melt me most talk about dancing in your pj’s before school, taking pictures in your mind of your childhood room and remembering what it’s like when Dad comes home from work.  It all just sends my heart into a tailspin thinking about those times in my own family’s life and how grateful I am that both Luke and I have the gift of documenting those times.  But I really want that for everyone.

I want you to make pictures of daily life and have me into your homes to make pictures of you all together.  Of your sweet little girls sitting on your lap, telling us the favorite parts of their Mom: she’s amazing, she’s the best cuddler and she’s so strong.  True story.  Sat on a bedroom floor this year and listened to an 8-year-old, wrapped in her mother’s arms, telling me what makes her mother the absolute best.

So that’s why.  You should love lifestyle family photography as much as I do because it defines brilliant moments in your daily life as images that hang on your walls and sit on coffee tables to be reminders of joy, of the growth in your children and little windows of encouragement into the past for the days when extra coffee isn’t nearly enough.

2015-01-12_0006PINTHIS!What ever was wrong with pictures in the park?

Nothing, I suppose.  I love shooting in the park and I still do mini-sessions all over the outdoors.  But it’s so easy to miss the comfort and tactile emotion that comes from being at home.  Your children are so much more relaxed in their own home.  No people to watch, spaces to examine – not much past me and my camera to distract them.  And that’s only for a little while – they forget about me as stranger, soon enough.  Photographing your newborn in the nursery, cuddled up in your elbow with the dog at your feet has a certain depth and intimacy to it that cuts the crap.  Babies are for snuggling, in my little opinion, not for sitting atop bean bags.  Sure those teeny angel baby photos are sweet, but when I look back on images of my family, the ones of us doing life in our home bring me right back to the smell of baby fuzz, the helpful husband encouraging me and the way the sun came in the window where I rocked our son.  Some seasons are worth more than a picture in the park.