Hey there!  I'm Lizzie Loo.

But you don't have to call me that - Elizabeth or Liz will do just fine.  I'm completely smitten with two little sons, I love Kentucky's seasons and I see moments. The nuance of relationship has always been clear to me.  It's a gift of sorts.  A big gift that I send down a joy funnel, through vibrant color and ethereal light to deliver images that remember life's pleasure and joys.  I think C.S. Lewis was on to something when he said "a pleasure is not full grown until it is remembered."  Lets us sit a spell and get to know one another so that I can see your people for who they are and make images for remembering.  

Wander all over these pages and enjoy my beautiful clients.  My skills have been honed over 14 years of photographing weddings and portraits, so the work is divided into those categories.  If you like what you see, let's get in touch and talk about creating art for your family or at your wedding.  Each year my client list grows by hosts of folks and events and I'm still growing to love it more with each passing season.  Let's hang and laugh a little.  



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