Hadleigh & David | Lexington Twin Photography

Enjoy these sweet little, cuddly babies.  My favorite part of working with babies David and Hadleigh was not how squishy and miraculous two babies, grown at once are - it was getting to reconnect with their parents, whose wedding I was blessed to document 5 years ago.  SO sweet to see Drew and Kim ushered into parenthood by these precious babies.

Two littles really is a miracle.  It seems obvious and basic, but it really is wild to be in a room with two little humans who shared a home for 9 months.  They reach for each other, were happiest skin-to-skin and just have this sweet 'oneness' if you will.  So enjoyable to see how calm and glad Kim and Drew were, too.  Enjoy these - I will say I'm tempted to stop in for baby cuddles and might have to do it after revisiting these images - ha!