Becky Jones Coaching Lifestyle Headshots

These photos were made on the most sweaty of afternoons, but as usual, Becky looks like a flawless supermodel all the way through! Becky Jones has been a dear friend to me and much of it has to do with the way she views friendship and pouring into others. She has a gift for seeing people as-they-will-be, not where-they-are or what-they’re-stuck-in. She’s got a gift at making, keeping and nurturing friendships, calling women up while calling them out of less-than lives and seeing for you in seasons where you struggle seeing past the “right now”. If you’ve felt stuck or directionless or even like you have a million things you want to do but no clear path - Becky’s the girl for you. She’s coached me forward into clarity, more health and life and gotten me excited about the things in store for me despite the hard work they’ll take to get there. I LOVE how these images exude her energy, life and shine a light on her inner beauty despite her obvious outer beauty. Love her and think you will, too!