101 in 1001: Here we go!

Well friends, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen last week that Taryn and I went on a life-date to Quills to get it together.  I had started a lose (read:lame) 101 in 1001 days list before, but only got to 48 and Taryn, who is in the middle of choosing what she wants to do with her life is stressed by the amount of opportunity (poor thing!) in front of her and paralyzed by the lack of activity towards her goals.  I totally remember that feeling in college...well just this morning, really.  I'm sure you now understand that meeting up and polishing off our 101 in 1001 days lists was imperative.  All joking aside, we both felt much better and feel more organized now that we talked it out and wrote it down. 1001 days is a bit shy of 3 years, so much can change between now and then, but in an effort to blog more and be more transparent here, I will be blogging my progress and hope that you, too, would join along.  I know Taryn's list has 'start a blog' included, so maybe she'll get it together and I can link you to her list.  For more ideas, check out Melissa Jill's list - it's a great one - I got some ideas from her, for sure!  You can also google 101 in 1001 lists and come up with all sort of folks' lists.

I'm excited for all of the fun things that will happen as I follow my list.  It's so crazy that when this is all done, Taryn will be done with her undergrad and maybe onto grad school and who knows where I will be, besides 26-years-old. If you want to tag along on our journey, post a link to your list in the comments box and we can all hold one other accountable.  And of course, I'll need you to get excited about all the fun stuff coming to this blog near you soon!

101 in 1001 START: 1/14/11 END: 10/10/13 Goals complete: 10/101 Goals in progress: 20/101 Last Updated 4/23/11 Bold marks a completed item Italic marks an item in progress

1. Create a Lizzie Loo line of signature card templates - no more weeks of custom designs 2. Add the testimonials to our website 3. Create a master wedding helps page - full of vendors, reception + ceremony locations as well as a master-blog list 4. Read a classic book that I haven't before - repeating The Great Gatsby doesn't count 5. Save exactly what I spend for 2011; $25 out, $25 in the savings 6. Create and manage an Etsy store of paper goods/prints 7. Create anniversary cards by Feb.1 and handle those things by Mar 1. 8.  Get the personal photo albums off the back stairs + organize the others into boxes/books 9. Create 12 keeper images for the girls' project (0/12) 10. Take Taryn horseback riding 11. Come up with at least 5 ways I am/want to continue differentiating my business 12. Find a way to give images each month (4/36) Family + Children's Place Auction The Caper, Tres Chic, A Loving Choice Building Before Pictures, Family + Children's Place Press Conference, 13. Paint and carpet/finish the back stairs 14. Create a dining space 15. Quarter Round Upstairs 16.  Improve product packaging again 17. 5 complaint-free days 18.  Create and give postcards to the vendors I work with featuring a photo of their work for use in their marketing 19. Complete backsplash in the kitchen 20. Complete wood floor in the kitchen 21. Pay Abby back 22. Pay Sara back 23. Develop a system for submitting weddings 24. Try hot yoga in S-Ville 25. Go the length of the 127 highway yard sale 26. Hang something above the bed/headboard 27. Get the ceiling fixed 28. Travel to Australia 29. Get a wedding published in the Southern Weddings Magazine 30. Make the order packing station more orderly and easy to use 31. Shoot the cover of a magazine 32. Have my parents over for dinner 33. Go to a photo exhibit at an art museum 34. Complete 40 books in 2011 (3/40) The E-Myth Revisited, Handmade Nation, The Tipping Point 35. Review 5 business books on my blog (1/5) (The Tipping Point, ...) 36. Get a new sofa in my living room 37. Health Insurance investigation + completion 38. Hire a full-time associate photographer 39. Some sort of prom party/field photo party 40. Order custom picture stamps 41. Blog 30 days in a row (?/30) 42. Get and gift a massage 43. Create a referral program with PURLS 44. Leave a gift on a friend's door step 45. Fill all albums in the shop 46. Donate my hair to Locks of Love or something similar 47. Order pens for my business 50. Establish a Lizzie Loo Scholarship 51. Gift 5 bibles (0/5) 52. Keep my car clean and orderly for an entire summer (0/3 months) 53. Get informational cards for outside of the store 54. Write down the systems of my business - create a manual of what I do 55. Organize my office closets 56. Hang pictures in my office 57. To honestly answer to 'What do you want?' : Follow the Lord entirely...without reserve...with my business 58. Have appointment cards printed 59. Do something to make the fireplace look better 60. Make the flowcharts - for weddings + portraits 64. Completely overhaul image/information storage systems 65. Write 50 encouraging, just because notes (3/50) 66. Thank my friends more 67. Put up window treatments in my house 68. Paint the building 69. Throw a huge party for all my girlfriends to celebrate our friendship 70. Read a book all the way through in one day 71. Mail first Christmas ornaments to all married couples one year 72. Make a photo album on the progression of my remodel 73. Have photos of myself professionally taken - my own shoot - a styled and make-uped shoot 74. Work out 5 days per week (Which starts on Tuesdays and has five weeks) for an entire month (5/5, 5/5, 4/5, 4/5, 5/5) 75. Ride in a hot air balloon 76. Keep the inbox under 100 at all times ** I am doing sooo well on this; want to keep it up for at least a month into busy season 77. Complete all materials for Intro to Photo + Mostly Manual Classes 78. Learn how to cook so I can feed a husband if I ever find one 79. Replace windows and winterize house 80. Crochet Elizabeth + Kyle's baby blanket before the baby gets here 81. Upgrade my laptop 82. List all of the remodel things on ebay or craigslist and clear the rest out via yardsale methods 83. Create a PDF product guide to hit online and be active in the shopping cart 84. Having the clients page reflect the current branding 85. Finish t-shirt blanket 86. Implement surveys and gather client feedback at numerous points throughout the customer experience 87. Find and participate regularly in a bible study that I LOVE 88. Complete a mini/half-marathon 89. Get a really great office chair - one that rivals the comfort of my bed 90. Shoot a wedding in another country 91. Make a killer playlist for client meetings 92. Visit Dad's winter track with him 93. Install a TV/projection system for the gallery room 94. Run three miles without stopping 95. Prints for above the chairs in the gallery 96. Read the whole bible; cover to cover, in order 97. Go camping 98. Take a road trip 99. Send a care package to someone 100. Actively mentor a kiddo in our community 101. Create simple, automated responses for each client group (i.e. adoption inquiries, your wedding is up, your prints are in, wedding inquiries, senior inquiries)

And since no post is lovely without a picture, here's one of the lighthouse in Aruba - lighthouse - symbolic, eh?

And that's the beach I rode horses on with Abby - so that was one less thing to add to my 101 in 1001 list!

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