28 to-do's in 2008

At the beginning of 2008 I made a list of 28 things I wished to do over the year. Today, we're revisiting the list. Those items in bold are completed, explanations for those not achieved will be to the side. I'm working on my list of 29 for 2009. I'm sure many of these may just roll over. Enjoy! 1. finish the office in our home, hanging all of the prints and making it cozy 2. sleep less…there is so much more to do than catch more shut-eye than I really need 3. grow flowers again this summer sad, but true. this didn't happen. 4. make weekends my time….except for weddings I can say I sort of achieved this. 5. order stickers for Lizzie Loo…something I’ve wanted to do for a while, it transfers from one to-do list to the next Transfer it again. 6. file all paperwork as it comes in, no more stacking it because school is too crazy 7. overhaul the website, and update the images after each shoot March 1!! 8. take a road trip..just because…with the girls, by myself..whatever 9. stay in the Wigwam Hotel in Cave City 10. read 12 books for my business…all in december or one per month; just read ‘em 11. blog everyday for a year, or for a month straight 12. cook dinner once a week for other people, for a month 13. have lunch with someone business related that I don’t know once a month 14. write more notes: birthdays, thank you’s, thinking of you, etc…and mail them on time 15. visit the super-long yardsale that runs throught the South 16. visit a new state and Cousin Julie in Columbus 17. mentor a younger, girl photographer…or lots of mom photographers 18. add a new camera to the artillary, preferable the D3, but a D300 will work 19. make cake decorating class with sister, Abby…and pursue being the most versitile wedding photographer…”Hello, I’m Elizabeth. I can not only make you look great, but I can help you select the perfect wedding ring, the best photographer and construct your cake. In my younger days, I could even design your invitiations.” 20. no more fast food: Panera, Starkbucks and Chic-fil-a are ok, but McDonalds, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Rally’s etc. are not 21. photograph a wedding with someone whom I REALLY admire; preferable someone whose blog I subscribe to…(bobbiandmike.com, melaniemauer.com, jessicarstrickland.com, the list goes on and on) 22. celebrate my 21st with class…I’m not really sure what that entails, but I’m open to suggestions 23. send more time with my clients, getting to know them and forming relationships, and much less being a service they just use 24. get my readers to comment more, doesn’t matter how I get it done 25. actually complete the books for book club (yes, I’m reeealll nerdy!) 26. attend a wedding as a guest 27. make new headers for the blog 28. Get to the Grand Ole Opry

So, 17 out of 28. That's a number I can deal with. Some of the items (like 12 books) were partially completed.

A photo for your looking of Leila. Yesterday we drove to Franklin, Ky. to walk the square, visit the quilting shop and Pineapple Lily's. Leila enjoyed looking out the window for much of the trip. blog_leila.jpg

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