You may remember my post of 28 things to do in 2008, here. I wanted to give a little update on my progress. 1. I'm halfway to having all of the prints hung and the place looking like me. I even found some old cameras to have around. You'll have to come visit soon :-)

10. I'm almost done with my business book for January, Selling the Invisible, by Harry Beckwith. I have already started my February book, You, Inc., also by Mr. Beckwith. I LOVE them so far!

12. I cooked some fabulous Sesame Chicken with broccoli for my friends, so we'll see if I can keep it up for a month.

18. I'm looking to add a new camera this week. We'll see :-)

19. Abby and I have plans for cake decorating this summer at Conway's in Middletown. You should tag along - some of our friends are going to do it, too.

20. I'm doing really well at the fast food quest. My boyfriend eats more Taco Bell and junky food than you can imagine, but all I've had is an apple turnover at Arby's today - that doesn't count...right?

22. Still looking for ideas on celebrating my 21st birthday. We've got until August 6th to make a plan. I'm all about some input!!

27. I made new headers for the blog!! I always feel so odd sharing my life with you all, but no one ever gets to see me, so now my face is plastered at the top. Should I make more to rotate, or add in some with images of you all? Ohhh the quandary.

28. I think Bob and I are planning on attending the Grand Ole Opry for Valentine's - we're waiting on the attendee listing to get good.

AND since no one likes a post without a photo, here is another image from our trip to Belize. I'm half-way done with my editing. I'll do Day 6 images tomorrow....so hopefully sometime soon- hahaha. School is already crazy with all sorts of fabulous homework. I hope you heard that sarcasm. Have a good one :-)


Also, many of you have asked about photo classes in the area. Kristen clued me in to a class at UofL. For $120 bucks you'll probably take something away. I've been asked a lot about doing a little photo class or get together. What would meet your needs best? Email me your ideas to: elizabeth@lizzieloo.com

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