3 finals down and 3 finals to go before anyone see...

3 finals down and 3 finals to go before anyone sees any new pictures! So far soooooo good! Thanks for your patience.

Don't forget Mother's Day this weekend! A family or kiddo session is the perfect gift - available through Saturday and perfect for last minute. A personalized gift certificate will be created for your mom, for use at her convenience!

With no photos to post today, I want to redirect you - particularly my brides to TrashtheDress.com. This blog is a collection of photos from photographers all around the world who have wild and willing brides.

The theory is, post-wedding, you won't wear your dress or need it again, so why not make some amazing images in it. Some brides take it to the ocean, drop into a pool, lay in a creek, sit on some train tracks- the variety is great. Some images aren't fabulous - but scan through, look for the awesome uses of light and creativity. I love this site and can't wait to trash a dress!