6 Months, Baby Cruz

This sweet little man reminds me so much of my own Truman.  I do think they look quite similar, thought it's mostly just baby chub.  He's joyful little man who was in such a happy place when I visited.  Smiles and sweet, investigative faces as he worked on his crawling. Remember how little he was when he was born?  He's definately adding some squish to that little body.  So glad to make these images in Kevin and Hilary's home before they moved this month!  Fun for little Cruz to one day see his first bedroom. louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-80 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-81 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-82 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-83 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-84 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-85 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-86 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-87 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-88 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-89 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-90 louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-92louisville-at-home-childrens-photography-91