Back at school and not quite as busy on the documentary side of life as last semester, but I want to share these few images from my current project. Dr. Roger Thomas D.V.M., owns Thomas Veterinary Services in Smith's Grove, Ky., a small town 15 minutes North of Bowling Green. Young and recently graduated from Auburn, Roger works on all sorts of the 'usual' animals, but serves predominantly the cattle community. His year-old practice is bursting at the seams, leaving Roger to work long hours as his kind spirit works to exceed his clients' needs and expectations.

As many of you know, I was raised in the equine industry, which gives me a great appreciation for Roger's drive to teach his clients. On each run he makes, he spends as much time as necessary for the people to understand their animal's situation fully. Though he admits to wasting much time with his vast explanation skills, it is clear to see that he has gained such a client base because they not only trust in his abilities, but his personality, charm and drive to exceed their expectation.

I have spared you the yucky images, but hope that one day you, too, would get to see all the insides of a cow - it really is a stomach turning experience. Enjoy.


This is where most of the day is spent: in the truck, driving all over the country side while returning calls.


Working on a goat.



Each Tuesday Roger spends his morning at the local cattle auction pregnancy checking cows. I would like to declare these sort of establishments some of the noisiest places on Earth.


Towards the end of a long Saturday.


Yep, that's poop. Mmmm. Don't worry, there IS a glove under all that.


This was the beginning of my cow/eye-opening experience. Though I was more brave than I expected, the blood, guts and cold sent me to the truck before Roger completed the autopsy. I DID stick around long enough to see what was in all of those stomachs.


Gizmo, the happiest dog on Earth.


I LOVE this image of Roger packing his truck for late night cattle-working. It was chilly and snowing...and I know he was tired and just ready to go to bed, but he keeps on truckin' until everyone's needs have been met and each situation advised.


So, if you have been reading here long enough, I am sure you've caught on to my infatuation with animal noses. I caught this one at the cattle auction as the cows waited to be aged and checked. I LOVE it.


That's all. Enjoy your weekend.

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