Adrienne + Braden I Engagement

And so they met in 2006 in the corner at a party. Adrienne's brother, Andrew, introduced her to Braden at a New Years party. After a long bout of keeping in touch, pen-pal style, Braden finally asked Adrienne out on a date in 2008. On their one year anniversary they took a visit to Butler University's Halcomb Gardens, where they had kissed for the first time. The plan was to have a picnic, but Braden had a bit more up his sleeve. On the bench where they first kissed, Braden asked Adrienne for her hand in marriage. In her excitement, she called her mom to announce the news before ever accepting his offer. Last weekend as I drove to Indianapolis to document their love in the same gardens where they fell for one another, I couldn't help but be excited. Adrienne has an infectious personality. Every phone conversation she hangs up more excited about her big day then when I answered. She even sent me a 'drive safe, we're excited text' on my drive up. I later learned nearly everything about her is infectious and genuine - her laugh, her energy - her love for Braden. I hope you see in these images how invigorating their love is - how genuine and real. I left our session much more light-hearted and peaceful. And very, very excited for what their April wedding has in store. I can hardly wait for a dance off..a sing off...lots of cream and black...and I am sure lots and lots of laughs and love. Enjoy!






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