Adrienne + Braden I Jeffersonville-Louisville Wedding

Every detail was thought of, every need met. From the minute we met the boys at the Galt House until the valet pulled the car up to send us off at the end of the night, the Molnar and Nordman families made Braden and Adrienne's wedding a perfect event - so full of love and care. The boys started the morning at The Galt House and the girls at Tranzformationz Salon & Spa and typical of their crew, a great time was had by everyone. Next we moved to the gorgeous St. Augustine's Catholic Church in Jeffersonville. The church was where Adrienne was raised and where her parents tied the knot was so beautiful. LOVE that sense of history and tradition. After a gorgeous ceremony we were whisked away to The Gillespie for a super-fun reception. Enjoy these and check out my commentary along the way!

Braden, the groom, prepares.

And his mom chats on the tele.

LOVE this image of Braden with his Grandma.

First time she saw her hair....she shed a couple tears. Super sweet.

Adrienne's brother, Andrew, looking super-spiffy while the last bit of makeup is applied.

Adrienne with her mom, Nancy. Nancy, who sent me the sweetest Westie thank-you note after the wedding. Love Nancy.

Veil tutorials.

LOVE her friends and their reaction to seeing her.

Beautiful church - really, so, so, beautiful.

Boys pinning on their boutonnieres from Herdt Florist. The cala lilies were everywhere and looked so classy.

Seeing herself in her dress for the first time was emotional. I LOVE my job...just a reminder.

Braden and Adrienne chose to not see each other before the ceremony, so we did a first look of sorts with her Dad - there wasn't a dry eye. So cute.


Andy, Adrienne's Dad, having a quiet, moment to himself.

Their wedding was so full of meaningful details. This basket is covered in lace from Nancy's wedding dress. Adrienne's bridal slippers and garters were covered in pieces of her mother's gown, too. How sweet!

I love this image's quiet emotion - Adrienne's mother and brother share a still moment before walking down the aisle.

And Braden's face when he saw Adrienne - are you kidding me - LOVE this!

I LOVE how he's always looking at her. Love.

The great Nathan Morgan shot this wedding with me - and I love this combo of his image (left) and mine (right) - just shows what different thinkers we are.

My heart also melts anytime a wedding includes a laying of hands prayer. Love all the hands reaching out.

For me, this image is so symbolic. Holding her father's hand and looking onward with admiration and excitement at her new husband. Love.

The girls checking Adrienne's new rings out. Love their black gowns, by the way.

Adrienne's reaction to Andy's speech. So sweet.

The same woman who made Adrienne's parent's cake made theirs - so super sweet.

Love this venue so much - so classy and beautiful. And Joanne and her team from Essential Details did a great job coordinating and setting up the reception details. Having a great planner is always a huge help! Their company, Blooms, did all of the reception florals - great job!

Adrienne and Braden choreographed a first dance that was sooo, super fun - I would highly recommend this show stopper - totally hilarious and fun.

The fabulous Gus Luckert leading the party.

Pretty sure Jazzy was my favorite guest - he is so invited to my wedding one day to keep the party going. This couple has some great friends!

The perfect end to a perfect evening - a ride in Cinderella's carriage.

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