Amber and Trevor had the most gorgeous day last weekend. The wedding and reception took place at the L&N Train Depot in Bowling Green, Ky. I met Amber last year through some exchange-student-friends of mine. When classes started this year, Amber and I ended up in the same bowling course, and she invited me to tag along and shoot a bit on her big day. I am so glad that I did, as I have some Bowling Green images to share and I had lots of fun watching the gorgeous Amber enjoy her day. You may notice some of the portraits took place on Western's campus. LOVE THAT! bryant007.jpg bryant015.jpg

I LOVE your shoes Amber - they were soo worth it!


Always trying to spin the ring shot.

bryant027.jpg bryant029.jpg

Veils are almost NEVER comfortable - was yours?


Seeing Trevor for the first time!

bryant045.jpg bryant050.jpg bryant056.jpg

Love this - it is soo them!

bryant071.jpg bryant109.jpg

The big bonus in all of this: I feel super prepared and warmed up for my wild wedding weekend! Tonight I drove to Huntsville, Alabama for Collin and Aubrey's wedding tomorrow, and then I will drive back tomorrow night to Louisville for yet another wedding on Sunday. I can hardly wait for all of the fun to begin. Once I recover on Monday, I will post sneak peeks and images from my farmer story. Get excited and enjoy your weekend! If you're in Louisville, be sure to check out the St. James Art Fair for me - I can't make it. Most definitely my favorite place to add to my necklace collection.

By the way, we're almost to 100 comments - remember number 100 gets a $20 iTunes gift card!!!