Amy + Matt | Lexington Wedding Photography

From the minute we met in the steamy McDonalds, I knew they were my sort of folks.  Amy is ever-joyful and Matt trails behind in her cloud of joy just enamored with everything she says and does.  He's a buckeye and she's a fan of whatever is fun and includes laughter with Matt.  They have the kind of love one wishes to be in. If laughter is a sign of the time a couple will be married, these two will outlive us all and be the best of friends all the way to the end.  There were many times when I had to ask for a calming of the joy and laugher just to get a portrait with eyes open and mouths closed.  It was hard to get a word in between the quiet joking and consistent giggles.  So great.

We started out at the beautiful Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington, Kentucky.  Amy and Matthew were wed before their friends and family in the most beautiful of churches.  The mass was long, which left much time for sweet glances and quick giggles between the bride and groom.  There was so much emotion all day.  Amy shared a deep connection to her father.  I was most definitely teary-eyed when he passed her off to Matt at the end of the aisle.  Matt's sister was the maid of honor and it was so perfect as the three of them seem like peas in a pod.  And the groomsmen...well they were their own type of ever-present entertainment.  The best kind of friends are those who you can both be yourself around and leave feeling lighter.  The Kapers are those kind.

A quick ride in a beautiful Bentley and we headed to the Phoenix Room at Keeneland where the couple and their guests danced the night away.  I love Keeneland for so many reasons, but between the icy weather and the beautiful race course, I think we made some really great portraits.  Both the Kapers and the Rubelings sure know how to have a great time.  The dance floor was never empty for long and the songs and dancing just kept playing.  Thank you both for inviting me to share in the day that joined you two together for a lifetime of laughter.  Enjoy!

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