Amy's Sweet Sixteen

Get super pumped for this cute-as-a-button Sweet 16 portrait session.  Amy + I got together after she and her mother purchased the gift certificate at Emma Durham's silent auction benefit.  We met at a wheat field - I'm pretty sure it was the last one in the county!  Really, folks, I went to check it out in the morning and all was well - then we drive up and they're in the process of cutting it down.  No worries, we grabbed our balloons and hopped right into the field, then walked down by the creek to make some portraits that sum up everything Amy loves right now - pink+black, drawing (the girl has skills!) and reading the Twilight series. I had tons of fun and so did Amy.  About half way through the session her mom repeated something Amy had shared with her in the car, "Even if these pictures don't turn out, which I am totally sure they'll be great, I have had so much fun so far. We could go home right now and it would have been worth it." That pretty much made my heart smile and my insides warm and gushy.  My goal with seniors, families, kids - everyone really - is for you to not only have a great time (even if my jokes are bad, because they are...I know), but for you to take away pictures that you can look at on a not-so-cute or perfect day and smile at.  Who doesn't love a picture of themselves that is over-the-top gorgeous and brings to mind fun times?

Thanks again for supporting Emma's benefit - I am so glad we got to work together!  Hope your birthday was fantastic!!  Enjoy!

If you haven't fallen in love with Amy + her dimple yet, just read this invitation to her party.  Instead of gifts, she requested her guests to bring donations to the children at the Family Activity Center's programs where Amy is a volunteer.  Girl's after my own heart.