Anchorage Engagement | Annie + Travis

Oh, how much I just love Annie and Travis.  She reminds me so much of my artsy, quirky, horse-loving self.  She for sure gave her whole heart away at a young age to our giant, hooved friends, as did I.  When we first met, she bounced right into my office and sat on the couch as she described a wedding in Anchorage, where she grew up, filled with her family and friends.  When we started brainstorming about the engagement session, she coyly mentioned stopping by the farm where she keeps her horses.  Little did she know that I would spend the next few weeks thinking over and over again about shooting an engagement at the barn.  With her friends Cloud and Crawford. If you've been here for a minute, you know my heart belongs to the horse.  I was raised on a farm.  I learned to trust those big beasts with my secrets and my safety just as soon as I could walk.  Given more time in my days, my favorite place is out in a field, with pretty light, riding along in the quiet.  Annie and I for sure are kindred spirits in that sense.  And Travis?  Well, he gets it.  He loves Annie.  And he loves her horses.  But in the most beautiful of ways.  He admits that he hasn't learned to ride, but he clearly has spent hours with Annie around her horses, his comfort with both the horses and Annie are selfless.  They have the sort of love we all hope for - simple, joyful and comfortable.

Nathan and I had a great time photographing you all on the farm and spending time walking through Hobbs Chapel.  I'm pumped to watch you each marry your best friend this fall.  If your family and friends are half as great as you all, we'll be in for a spectacular time.  Enjoy!