Andrew | Martha Layne Collins High School Senior

So, so adult, Mr. Andrew.  It's been super fun getting to know you and watch you grow up over the past year.  Crazy that Lauren's got you dressing like a dapper, old man.  And thank goodness for that - you've just got to teach the other boys now.  ...And the other boys have now either clicked out of this blog post or and sending a rude text my way.  But really.  You're such a great addition to our youth crew. Andrew plays piano in our youth band and does a super job.  I keep asking for piano lessons..hint hint....but that hasn't happened - he's keeping his skills to himself for now.  You really couldn't find a nicer friend, though.  Andrew's the best door-opener of the group - always so chivalrous.   And he looks just like a mini-version of his father, but thank goodness he got some pretty from his momma.  He's even a seasoned pro at the game Quelf, which provided some interesting conversation during our session.  We hopped all around Shelbyville to make these images - chatting and laughing all the way on a perfect fall day. Thanks so much for trusting all of my silly antics - I think they turned out great.  Enjoy!