Baby Announcements

Happy Monday to you and yours. I love the way my schedule is built this semester. Monday is my day to patch up what I missed over the weekend, respond to emails and get it together. So here goes a little Monday blogging relevant to all photography. Check out these sweet baby portrait announcements from little Lilah's arrival in January. The cards were printed as 5x5 flat cards on a linen watercolor paper and came with square, black envelopes. The photograph on the left is the front of the card, the right is the back. I think these were the perfect, very personal note for the Perkins' to send to family and friends. I LOVE how we used one of Mrs. Perkins' maternity photos on the front and Lilah's portrait on the back.


Custom announcements, invitations, thank you notes and greeting cards are available for everything from births to graduations, holidays and even 'just because.' And each card design is custom and personal. Watch the blog for senior portrait announcement/graduation cards this week!