Baby Brody

brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-67A couple years ago I got to photography Brody's family before he arrived and I'm so, very excited to photograph him next month with his brothers and family.  He's a sweet, teeny, cuddly joy to Livia and Brad.  Such a good baby, just sleeping in his swing when I arrive and kept happy through the very end.  So fun to photograph these teeny babes in their first two weeks.  Enjoy! brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-68brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-69brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-70brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-71brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-72brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-73brad-cox-newborn-livia-frazer-photos-74