Baby Lily I Kentucky Newborn Photography

Sweet, baby Lily was just a few days old when I photographed her. I was welcomed in by Neil, Sarah and their puppy, Harley and in under two minutes I got to hold little Lily. It was a bit strange, I will admit. I usually get babies when they're older - six months or a year - so holding a teeny, tiny, fresh baby was a little different. We had a great time laughing and making Lily comfortable. We swapped out her bows and flowers, turned up the heat and did a lot of shushing. Sarah and Neil are the sweetest - always have been. They were very kind, gracious and patient - great parents if you ask me. Some of you may remember Sarah from her days assisting me or Sarah and Neil in their maternity pictures, here. Either way, you will be seeing lots more of baby Lily and her parents here. Neil and Sarah, I've enjoyed watching you date since yearbook class in high school. It was a joy to watch you marry your best friend from the church pew and I enjoyed greatly hearing of your pregnancy. Maternity pictures were a blast and I'm super pumped to be invited along to document little Lily Ann's life! Enjoy!