Bears' Banquet

Just a bit before I left school to come home I completed my story with the Bears. Here is a link to the final story about Coach Danny Carothers and the youth football team he coaches, in case you need to catch up. I spent hours and hours with the team documenting their growth and Danny's involvement in their lives. When Danny called me to remind me about the banquet, I was a bit surprised when he asked me to be their guest speaker. I was a bit confused on why the boys would think listening to me over a WKU football player or sports personality of the like was the way to go. Danny reassured me that when he asked his son and a few of the other players they were super was I up for it, or what?

I accepted and (more nervously than I expected) attended the banquet and talked about hard work. I knew the boys had seen me give up many hours of my life, most of my Saturdays and lots of dinners with my friends to spend time with them - so a spiel on hard work and getting you what you want seemed appropriate.

It all seemed to go well and the boys really enjoyed seeing the photos of them. I drug along my computer and let the images play all night in a slide show. It was definitely fulfilling to see the project come full circle. I think they finally understood why I took their picture every time they cried and why I felt it was important to be with them ALL THE TIME. I hope you enjoy these - and thanks to Jake for shooting me speaking.



Lots of Bear love was shared - as always.


A note to my Bears: You pictures will be in the mail soon - if you didn't get on the list, be sure to email me or give me a call with your address. Hope you all are well! Thank you again for sharing your lives with me.