Bears Bonding

I love this image I shot at practice last night. As you may have read, I am following the head coach of the bears football team here in Bowling Green. The boys are in the 12-13-year old bracket and are quite hard on themselves at times. Here is an image of a player crying next to his father, also a coach. Practices are so intense, but this dad, (who is also a minister and gets everyone so fired up, people walk out of the sermon) talked with his son for 15 minutes about failure and how to get better. They're just the cutest group ever. After I missed for the workshop and returned today they were all excited to see me and were worried about where I had been. They even say excuse me when I am shooting on the field and they have to run around me.


An update on wedding openings - May is filling in quickly as is June. Sooo exciting!