Now that I am back at school and not necessarily always shooting for you all, my goal is to share the work that I am doing. Today I have images from Western's bid day, last Sunday. This is the second year I have been asked by my fabulous photo friend, Jim Veazy, to help document the festivities. Most of the photos were from Chi Omega, my assignment for the day, but there is one image that I love from a stop by the Alpha Delta Pi house. I love how genuinely excited the girls were. And let me tell you excitement wasn't easy, as it was over 100 degrees outside. Congrats girls on all of your new sisters! Hope your getting some post-rush shut-eye. dsc_8214.jpg dsc_8170.jpg dsc_8255.jpg dsc_8313.jpg dsc_8367.jpg dsc_8500.jpg dsc_8600.jpg

Just being curious - how many of you all are greek? What organizations do you belong to? I hope to see your answers in the comments field!!

Have a good Labor Day weekend, and keep watching for updates. My SUPERFAST iMac is here so I'm on the move.

A teaser: I spent today photographing a single mom, Rev. Ken Boehm, a hotwalker, Christopher 2X and a few others. Hope I've struck your curiosity.