Britana + Brandon | Louisville Wedding Photographer

We met around 8:30 in an open field somewhere out past Finchville.  The dew was still on the grass and though it was still humid, it was a bit cool.  Behind them was a little white chapel that held inside a woman who would marry them and two witnesses. It was his birthday and soon to be their wedding anniversary.  The day they were wed in the privacy of their love, in the middle of the woods.  And it was beautiful and fun.

I even made it into their wedding videos that Brandon made on his birthday present - a flip cam.  Thanks Brandon + Britana for inviting me.  I enjoyed your sweet ceremony and your kindness towards each other.  I hope your new life in Denver exceeds your expectations and brings you even closer as you prepare to meet little Braden.

And since no one was there to make a toast or say a prayer or give a speech, there's my contribution.  I'm raising my tea glass to your union.  Enjoy!