Britt | Shelby County High School Senior Portraits

A sweet drive in the country is pretty much my favorite thing - ever.  And make that drive right before golden hour, but right after dinner at my parents (my cooking skills don't get exercised much).  And then top that all off with a session at your home, in the country and I'm in.  Britt's session started at her family's home, down the skinniest road I may have ever driven. Golden light, tall trees and the neighbor's barn with surprise horses inside. After we worked the light a bit and figured out that Britt's personality isn't quite nature girl, we headed into town where we hopped all around.  Her involvement in theater arts is super important, so we shot at the Shelby County Community Theater a bit with a giant scrapbook her mom made of old playbills, tapes and theater paraphernalia.  Britt participates in the Walden theater, and since her mom is banking on selling her old playbills when she becomes super famous, I will keep these beautiful images stored safely, just in case Broadway needs a high school picture.  Just saying my friends, Ms. Britt looks super beautiful in these images.  And that last image.  It's not perfect, but it just feels so right.  So summer.  And free.  Enjoy!

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