But did you know?

...That my sister has a flock of chickens?  And they still freak me out.  I love all the animals and can confidently walk off with a horse others call crazy, but these chickens.  I turn into a flimsly little girl meeting a brazen boxer.  They jump around when they want and they're quick little birds.  But Abby quite loves them and my Truman really loves to eat their eggs so it works.  Hung out in the coop with her for an hour or so one day.  Just shooting the normal things. It was good.  And challenging, because they're so quick and light was cray and the barn was white and they think they can untie shoelaces and be friends with me and such.  No thank you.  But Abby rescued me a few times and I made some frames I like.  So that's all.  I need to get back on driving the blog-train, but I'm currently working on 2975634987 bride's timelines and my brain doesn't feel like blogging when in a season of scheduling.  So there ya go.  Honest thoughts.  Not a great multitasker.

But if you need any non-GMO, free range, shoe-lace-untying-mother'd eggs to eat and cook with, let me know and I'll get your people get in touch with my chicken wrangler.  They really are the best eggs.  And she treats these dang chickens like they're in the family.  They have ladders and ramps and runs and bridges and boxes and freedom and horse poop and lots of hugs.  But never from me.