Caleb I Louisville Senior Photographer

We started at a crisp 8 AM to try and beat the heat on the one day of summer that was actually cool.  And cool + early meant a bit of a stiff Caleb.  But it didn't take too long before we were cracking jokes, tying bow-ties and hearing a story about Caleb trying to heal a blind kiddo on the playground in elementary school. Yes, you read that right - he took mud to the eyes of his fellow classmate - who was blind, a little something like Jesus.  Needless to say, his friend wasn't healed, but what a sweet, little heart to give it a shot.  The good news is that Caleb is still up to his silly antics, it's just changed a bit.  Hope you get that silly, friendly, quirky vibe from these images....because Caleb and those argyle socks are quite a perfect match.  Guaranteed to bring a smile.  Enjoy!