Catching Up: Trips to Friends

Earlier this year I took a few weeks away from home.  After our family trip to Aruba, I hit the road right from the airport (in crazy snowstorms) and visited friends in Bowling Green, Nashville and drove to Huntsville to spend time with one of my best friends and her new hubby.  I drove through blizzards the first night to Nashville. I stayed a few days and got to Huntsville right before 7ish inches fell from the sky.  I had always heard about southern states' inability to cope with snow, but didn't quite believe it could be worse than Kentucky (hah!).  Boy was I wrong.  These people had no idea what to they essentially did nothing.  As strange as it was for little me, I loved being stuck.  I loved playing in the snow.  I loved drinking coffee with my friend and talking about how our lives had changed in the year previous. Carissa is that friend that I've never been close to - as in less than a two or three or four or five hour drive and we rarely get to talk on a regular schedule - well since high school, anyway.  We joke that I never knew her husband until the wedding and that we're pretend friends.  The reality of it is that she's that friend I can be apart from for months and walk right back in and pick up where we left off.  After my Alabama stay, I've now had 4 more conversations with Cooper.....I kid, I kid.  If there's anything I have learned from shooting these images, it's the importance and gift of an amazing spouse for your friends.  I sobbed as Carissa walked down the aisle to marry Cooper, and through all the weddings I've photographed, it tops the list of favorites.  Their marriage is really a testament to the Lord.   Little engineer nerds and their love.  Cuties.