Cathy + Ben | Elk Creek Vineyard Wedding | Owenton, Kentucky

We love you triple infinity.  There.  We win today. It's 12:01am.  Certainly you all and your sweet little game couldn't have been more quick than this.  

Cathy and Ben share that tangible sort of love.  You walk into a room and you feel it engulf everyone like jello.  It's there.  It's solid, but it's comforting and real.  It's certainly tangible love that binds their new family together.  One of the most beautiful blind-date weddings we've been on, for sure.

Ya see - Ben hired us.  Sight, unseen.  I'm not sure we ever did more than correspond via email until they called to take our dinner order (yes, please!).  And even then, they were more than kind, but we didn't even speak - we played voicemail phone tag.  When Nathan and I pulled into the vineyard, I gave Ben a quick call.  We then  eenie-meenie-moe'd which guy we thought he was and walked into the place.  Lucky for us, it wasn't the guy I bet with the ponytail - it was a super kind, watch-loving, Kansas City Chiefs fan who was quite in love with a Barbie-doll look-alike bride.  Nathan and I went our seperate ways - he with the guys and me with the ladies.  I got a text a few minutes later - 'Everything's great, really great people.'

At the close of the evening, I would say that sums it all up perfectly.  They - and by they, I mean - every, single person present was really great.  Their friends and family traveled down from Dayton, some for the whole weekend, and just had a fabulous time.  Ben loves Cathy and Cathy adores Ben.  The ceremony was beautiful, the vineyards were gorgeous, the light was most amazing.  We were given freedom to be creative, take all the time we needed to make beautiful memories for our friends and we ate like kings and queens.

Ben and Cathy- We'd blind-wedding-date with you every single weekend if we could.  We had a blast with your family and friends and appreciate so, very much the real love you have allowed to bind your family together.  We expect an invite to your 50th wedding anniversary and we wish you all the love and life you can squeeze into your minutes.  Thanks again - everything was perfect and I'm pretty sure we love you triple infinity.  Enjoy!