Chelsea + Sam | Simpsonville Engagement Photographer

A pig.  Yes a pig.  And a puppy.  And a family watching from the back porch, a little brother hiding in the corn, Sam's VW and Chelsea's quirky, kind way of joking about everything.  Add in super hot temperatures and you've got the funniest, slimiest and sweetest engagement session. And 215.  Can't forget the 215.  That's the difference in their street addresses.  They were raised on the same street in Simpsonville; just down the road from one another their whole lives. She had to drive right by his house to get home.

And we all knew each other.  I grew up in this Simpsonville crew, too, ya know.  Purnell's sausage wheels, the pink fuzzy trees and Adventure Club - the whole she-bang.  Everyone attended the same group of babysitters, churches, community festivals and all that usualness.  But it wasn't until just a bit ago that they got together.  And next June they will wed at the Frazier Museum, on the roof.  And I.  Can't.  Even.  Wait.

Sam is so perfect for her.  Quiet and patient with Chelsea's silly antics and fun family.  And fun is an understatement.  Chelsea's Dad named his donkey is Sam's honor.  Yep, you read that right.  And I can hardly wait to see Chelsea's dad cry when he gives her away.   Can't.  Even.  Wait.  And the pig?  That pig belongs to Chelsea's little brother, Russ - who is a trip all by himself.  I bet he'll shed a tear or two, too.  Russ watched us shoot from within the corn crop...until he set off a firework.  And then he fetched me some ice water.  Hilarious.

I hope you love these and that you see the sweet simplicity of their love.  The wedding shall be quite amazing, but you'll have to tune in next summer for that action.  Enjoy!!