Christmas in Hamilton

I hope your Christmas was super Merry, most humbling and full to the brim with blessings - I know mine was :) I now get to sleep in my super cozy bed under a down comforter....and for those of you who know me, my body temperature runs 10 degrees warmer than anyone else's. This means the heat rarely goes on in my offs-ment (office/apartment) and at night it can get oh*so*chilly. So yay for gifts of blankets, pillows and bed linens. I also got the most adorable Westie print from my sister, Sara. I'm usually not a huge fan of Westie paraphernalia mostly because the dogs never look quite like my Leila or are super traditional looking - but I LOVE this. It fits perfectly in my bedroom window.

Though the gifts were sweet, nothing could match the warm feeling of attending a few community meals to serve our needy, seeing one of my best friends adopt a client at her workplace to provide Christmas for and the joys of wrapping up a package to send to a mother I adore in Bowling Green. I hope your heart was filled to overflowing as you remembered the reason for the season...I know mine was.

Check out sister Sara with her super-hot snowflake glasses on. I tried..with little take a photograph through the glasses, so you could see Christmas lights morph into snowflakes. Magical, right? Happy Tuesday!


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