Hope you are enjoying Holiday Weekend #2!! Wanted to share a little about my amazing Christmas that was celebrated in the US! Yess! We drove to Cincinnati per our usual to stay with family and let the good times roll. _dsc5672.jpg

Sara landed a new iPod...me, some new covers for my Shootsac (that nifty bag I shoot with), GPS for no longer getting lost, cord keepers, battery organizers (nerd, I know), AA batteries, a memory card..this list goes on and on. Mom got a point and shoot camera (the previously suggested one!), Abby a new cell phone and Dad a neat horse painting. Pretty much, it was great!


You may remember my twin cousins from previous posts. This year they were four for Christmas - so much more aware of what was going on. Sometimes they're a little shy...


Other times, not so much...


Enjoy your New Years festivities! I will be out of the office, and away from the email until January 2. Don't drink too much...


:-) By the way...Dane informed us, "this kid's wine (sparkling cider) is great - get me more, fast."

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