Clean Up on Street Six | Part 1

It's that time of year.  Orders are flying out the door, weddings are booking for next year, my life is slowing and fall wedding season paired with lots of travel has left me a little worse for the wear.  Because I chose it that way, certainly, but through my weekend in DC the Lord reminded me that it's time to rearrange and plan, plan, plan.  Live intentionally. While Luke was flying to Detroit and running all around Capitol Hill, I set up my little office in coffee shops all over the metropolitan area.  I got to watch a lot of people come and go, work, share coffee with friends, relish in days off and just generally be.  The hustle of a city full of very hardworking folks paired with the start of reading this book on work reminded me, as Luke often does, that all of my work is from the Lord.  All of my rest is from the Lord and those two things are provided to me in compliment to one another, if only I choose to exercise that freedom.  Which I often don't.  I will work 31 days in a row from dusk til dawn if rest isn't scheduled or friends don't slow me down and call me out.  Folks.  That isn't good.


So.  This post shall be part one of a series on cleaning life up and fashioning it for this season.  The first post I read was by the sweet Nancy Ray on her workshop's blog, Branches and Light.  It won't let me link directly to the post (because I'm technologically challenged, I'm sure!), but it has a photo of a coffee cup in front of brick!  She goes through the construction of her morning routine and the shift she made her loving mornings.  Now, if we've met, you know I LOVE mornings.  I work best then, I LOVE a good sunrise, I enjoy being up before everyone else.  My heart craves stillness and solitude, so mornings feel like a big secret I get to enjoy.

I'm also very routine, so for summer I've attempted to assemble a routine but failed to establish times and write it down.  Silly.  Several times memories of my times routine in grade school came to mind; out of shower by 6:17, dressed and making breakfast by 6:20.  If any of those markers weren't met, I felt out of sorts and would miss the bus, an extreme failure for an over-achiever, you see.  That said, I never established times this summer, other than MUST be awake by 6:30 (failed often) and MUST be to my desk by 9 and MUST do bible study.  Stil not concrete enough.  Still not allowing time to exercise or intentionally keep forward movement happening.  That said, Nancy does a GREAT job assigning times and goals to her morning schedule.  I've drafted mine in my planner and am going to give it a go in a few different ways before I commit the finished version to this blog, but today I rose at 6, hit the snooze at 5:55 once (want to eliminate this) and moved to the couch with Leila.  Did bible study, read a bit, exercised, walked Leila, showered, started laundry and am currently blogging at 8:30.

Feels excellent to be living intentionally, to be making choices that will bring me to my desk with a solid start on the day.  Excited to see how this routine continues to fall into place and get me started to face the day.  Also, listen to this Michael Hyatt podcast on early mornings and read this blog post.


Next realization.  Social media, my phone, constant emails and the like.  It is so, so, so easy for me to drift into social media land or love instagram a little too much.  During the work day, I log out of everything - twitter, facebook, pinterest etc., so if my hands magically type them, I won't get sucked in, wandering for 3o minutes.  But a big thanks to Gina Zeidler's post on Quitting Social Media, my phone now looks like this!  I turned off notifications for email, tucked them in a folder, get no push notifications - the only thing I left was the ding for text messages and phone calls.  It was scary, and I'm not quite ready to charge my phone far away at night, but it's a good start for me! You can grab that sweet phone background I made from an old photo and a favorite verse this week, here.

Walking around DC I was struck by how many folks (myself included) were stuck to their phones.  Waiting for the next email, listening to email, rolling through apps.  I watched people grab their phones each time the metro made a stop and there was maybe hope of having internet.  Not ok folks.  My heart and mind needs rest.  And not filling up from facebook and twitter.  Pumped about this organization and answering most of my email from my desk.


Last thing for now!  Head back over to Gina's blog and read her awesome post on how she re-did her browser and why. I shamelessly copied her right up and downloaded Speed Dial 2 and got to work!   In Gina's post she tells you how to redo your desktop and the choices she made and why.  She was even so generous as to share the buttons she created!  You can find mine here and the list of why's below!  Hurry up and take control of your pretty internet and be intentional, one step at a time!  And go, go, go read through Nancy + Gina's old posts.  So much there to learn from!

1. Emails are just decisions is a statement Lara Casey coined and this one links to my gmail!

2. It's the Lord's girl! links to my bank account login - reminding me that it is both God's money and that I better look after it (prov. 27:23)!

3. Find love here is a link to Psalm 34:4-6, which is a great, great reminder of who cares for us in times of stress and being overwhelmed.

4. Inspire Folks links to the Lizzie Loo Facebook - reminding me to continually post images and blog posts, but not to get distracted in not-so-inspiring-Facebook-ness.

5. Share+Create+Inspire links to my writing login for the Lizzie Loo Blog.  Need to get to sharing more of what I'm creating and writing a bit more, too.

6. Do what matters most links to the She Reads Truth blog.  Love, love, love their short, but full bible studies (follow the hashtag on instagram + be sure to read comments after posts!)

7. Dance party just links to the 'ole Pandora.  Nothing fancy.  Just party'n music!

8. Be filled links to one of my most favorites, Romans 12:9-21.  So challenging.  So good.  Such a reminder of what (God) and whom (God) and how (His Word) I should be filled with so I can love well.

9. He Loves you is a verse I repeat to myself often, so it seemed natural that it would fill the final, hot pink space on the grid.