Sad news, I know, but the clients page is down. Unfortunately the company that built my original site has gone MIA, so I've got no help, but my new cart is due to be completed soon! Until then, ordering is put on hold. I will work very hard to have all images ready, so as soon as the site can launch, it will launch.

For those of you in waiting:

.If you had previously made an order, that information is all held, and your images have been ordered. .If your gallery was up and due to expire, no problem. Everyone whose gallery was posted at any point before the fall, you will receive 7 days at the beginning of the launch - even if your gallery had expired! .New clients, particularly those shot this week or last, stay tuned to the blog for your sneak peek, and as soon as the site launches, you too will receive an extra 7 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience. What a pain!

ETA: My nerdy skills paid off again - the clients page is up and running for now! Access it through the main site or here.