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#24 on my list of 28 in 2008 consisted of: Get my readers to comment more, doesn’t matter how I get it done

After I spent the better part of my last semester working with a youth football team I was touched by their giving Thanksgiving baskets to families in need. A few days later many of my photographer friends started a Cans for Comments campaign during the holidays on their blogs. I decided to put these two projects together and commit to donating a can to someone in need for every comment made on this blog.

This morning I stopped by a sweet lady's home. She was one of the places I stopped with the football team right before Thanksgiving. She has cancer, is caring for her two granddaughters, both suffering from conditions made by the drugs their mother used during their pregnancies. I spent an afternoon in the fall talking, crying and laughing with her. She taught me lots about faith, endurance and being grateful. I only wish you could have all been sitting on the couch with me as she shared her life.

I stopped by and left your 32 items of food on her doorstep while she was off to church. My hope in posting this is to initiate a little change, to remind you that such a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Comments or not, this is something we should all take a minute to do, me included. So many of our local food banks were depleted by the recent ice storms and could use a replenish.

Grab an extra can or two every time you go to the grocery, then take your collection somewhere at the end of the month. According to my blog stats, if half of you 100ish weekly readers collected 10 cans in March we would donate 500 cans. Just a little fuel for your fire. And if you comment about your cans donated, that's another 50 coming from me, for a total of 550 cans.

Just an FYI, I will continue to donate to specific people I encounter while working on my stories at school. When I return to Shelbyville the goods will be donated to the Shelby County Backpack Project for a bit. You can read about that here. The project is a local outreach that sends home meals and snacks with needy children to feed them over the weekend. You can help support them by stopping in McKinley's in Shelbyville and purchasing their art.

Hope your Sunday is swell. It's sunny here and Leila and I got to take a pretty walk this morning - still a little too chilly :-)


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