Congratulations Cooper and Carissa | Louisville Boudoir Photographer

Today one of my bestest friends (yes that's a word) will be marrying her best friend.  And I couldn't be more excited. Carissa and I met freshman year of high school.  She would take me home from school until I could drive (I was a youngin') and we would sing to Dashboard songs and talk about homework, boys, having 'fro hair and the choker necklaces she loved to wear (too much).  We have a long history of laying out, talking on the phone and sending letters.  After high school she went her way to UK and I headed off to WKU, but not a thing changed.  She's that friend who knows your story before you've told it, always has time for listening and picks right back up with our lives where we left off.  Kissa's the most giving, sweet and compassionate lady I know.  She reminds me that kind and gentle is the wiser path and that everyone is cute in their own way.  She smiles at me when I ask her how she can be so stinkin' cute, smart and wise all at the same time.  And for the last few months we've stayed up late at night making ribbon sticks, doily garlands, picture albums, tissue flowers and every other DIY craft you can think of.  I'm so glad for the memories we exchanged for sleep and work.  It was worth every second.  May today be sunny and more beautiful than we could have dreamed.  Cheers to you, Mrs. Russell!

Red, it's an honor to stand up and watch you marry Cooper.  Know that I'll be sporting my waterproof mascara with my bridesmaid dress, because I will be the one sobbing in our line-up.  Can't help it.  It's classic me.  And you've taken away my camera that I usually hide behind while crying at weddings.  You're gonna be so gorgeous!

I pray that you both continue to seek the Lord's will in your lives and that in 50 years I'll roll up in my wheel chair with my hubbie by my side and I can make a picture of you then, re-newing your vows.  Can't.  Stinkin.  Wait.  I'll be silvery gray and I'll bet your red hair stays forever.  Thanks for being so dear to me.  Can't wait for long distance friendship Huntsville to Shelbyville.

Love, Brown

Stunning, right?  These were some outtakes from a session we did earlier this spring.  Love.

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