County Fair Lovin' | Hilary + Kevin | Engagement

Nathan and I are super pumped for Hilary and Kevin's wedding next spring.  Just a few images in and I'm sure you can feel the bubbly fun that is Hilary.  Pair that with the easy, confident way of being kind and encouraging that is Kevin and you'll get some stunner pictures.  So easy to work with and so fun to laugh with.  We'd put them in a pose and Hilary would jump to flirting with Kevin and melt right into looking gorgeous. We started out in downtown Shelbyville making pictures in their UK wear (I cringed, but it's all good).  They quickly changed out of that and into their next outfit, so we strolled around downtown in the gorgeous light just a bit longer.  Last stop?  The county fair.  We seriously can't get enough of shooting at fairs.  When Nathan was working in Midland, Michigan at The Midland Daily News, they covered the fair in the coolest of ways.  In fact, many of my favorite pictures of his were shot at the fair.  So much going on.  So much color.  Great people.  Love it all so much.

I'm sure you'll love the playfulness in Kevin and Hilary's pictures at the fair.  They're so bright, light-hearted and fun.  Oh, and that last photo grouping?  All the credit goes to Nathan, the master of the iPhone camera.  He shot them and I pieced them together.  Love it.  Enjoy!