Dad, Padre, Big Mike, Pah-pahhh, Me-Kell, Daddy-O : Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Thanks for always being a superb example of what it means to work hard, love your family and be funny all the at same time.  Lucky for me, we're twins.  You're funny, I'm hilarious.  You're tall, I'm getting there.  You're quiet, I'm learning to be...maybe.  Ok, so we just look alike and have the same jokes - but really - you're awesome and now that I rock and roll all day long at my own business, I have no idea how you managed to train and race all over the East and still be home for everything that mattered including early morning breakfasts at the kitchen bar.

Thanks for working hard to always give us more than we deserve.  Maybe we can eat apple pie on the porch together like old times when I get home...but you'll have to sit in the chair and me on the swing, because we're all too big now to sit two by two on the porch swing.  At least that's what I hear!

Happy Father's Day!

Hopefully someone can get your technology-challenged self to a computer, so you can read this ;)  Thanks, Luke Sharrett, for the pictures :)   It's been really nice having a Lauer family personal photographer...