Dallas, Tx

I'm back to my computer and ready to finish out the rest of my last semester of college (nuts!, I know). And I'm just sooo excited. Tomorrow will bring a day of digging deep into my semester-long project and lots of picture editing. The week before last I took a trip with my friend, Alyssa, to visit our photographer boys. They are working at the Dallas Morning News so we took our spring break to drive down and enjoy the warm, Texas weather, a trip to the world's largest honkey-tonk and lots of fun in the land of big hair, hats and well everything.

Here's a picture of me hopping on top of one of the cattle statues downtown Dallas. I felt it necessary to demonstrate my ability to ride a cow with horns...except I could only climb high enough to get on the cow's neck. Jake managed to get all the way on top. I was jealous. With all of my horse riding history I am still lacking skills in the climbing department.


This is an image from our drive home. We made a little detour down a country, Texas road to get a little taste of rural Texas. Over the hill (yes, a hill in Texas) we drove and down below we saw this super-sweet bog-like lake.


Enjoy your Sunday - the weather here is beautiful. Leila and I are working out on our porch on a little crafting project for the office. Will show you all soon!