Days 2-Now: I Can't Remember How Long I've Been Here

Laying under my mosquito net once more while I write.  Something about this net and the potential for malaria that gets my brain moving…maybe I should bring a net home…but certainly not malaria.  Anywho, the boys are out with our British friends, while I chose to stay in to shower, read and write.  I feel like I'm already getting behind, but also realize that once I'm out of this sweet place, I'll have so much more to say.  And hopefully complete thoughts will come out somewhere. For now many of you have asked to see more pictures of the daily happenings.  I didn't bring a computer that can tone images, so these bad boys or straight outta my camera, so do forgive any strange colors and such, if you will.

Before we get to the good stuff, my heart is exhausted from hugging and processing homes made out of pallets, so I'm going to leave you with a few things I've been reading while here instead of my standard dissertations.  Then a little commentary on the images.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll have much to say about poverty, orphans, people abandoning their lives for Christ's calling, what we're doing as the church and how we're loving our neighbor.  My mind is on spin cycle for two weeks, but until that's wrapped up and presentable, a couple quotes from The Hole in Our Gospel and then some images.

Remember, this is the tale of an ordinary person with whom God has been patient.  Nothing is special about what I'm doing or where I am.  I answered God's call to buy a ticket and blindly jumped on a plane to tell stories as they present themselves.  For two simple weeks.  Enjoy!

And if Jesus was willing to die for this troubled planet, maybe I need to care about it too.  Maybe I should love the people who live on it more.  Maybe I should have a responsibility to do my part to love the world that Jesus loves so much.  

Flying on the airplane with Mark and Harry!Here's lil Harry relaxing in the first hotel bed we stayed in.  Nets all around the beds canopy style.

That little round net was where I sleep.  And I prefer to refer to that as the princess bed.  

Our first full day in Jinja started at Sonrise Baby Home with Damali, the woman who runs it.  She's quite amazing.  Sweet Sonrise baby having its hands washed before lunch.  Harry holding baby Kevin - whom we are going to attempt to steal.  Kidding.  Sorta...Rice and Beans, ya'll.  They love lunchtime.  The most precious thing was watching them wait patiently and then pray before eating.  So, so good.  Lots of babies = lots and lots of laundry.

This is Emma - he's been our sweet driver for most of the week.  He really is the most remarkable man.  Has two daughters, a wife who teaches and he oversees a home that takes in street girls; girls with no parents who can care for them who were forced to live on the streets.  Such a good dude who gives of what he has, even though it may not be much.  He's also been our official monkey spotter.  The next morning, we headed to Serving His Children where Renee Bach nurses the most sickly and malnourished babies back to life.  Completely incredible.  All those photos are before and afters.  Take a look, it'll break your heart.  On our way back to town, Emma took us to the girls home he leads.  The girls were the sweetest and most wonderful.  They sang us a few songs and were just so so faithful.  Love them.

Here's a photo of our hotel now.  Don't worry - it's not that glamorous.The next few pictures are from a school we visited called Glory Be Nursery and Special Classes.  There were small primary children with a few special needs kids mixed in.  Some friends we've met took us here - far, far out in a village.  I most definitely would never have been able to find it.  A woman from the UK in her mid-twenties runs the school and has recently moved them from a sticks-and-mud hut to a bricks and mortar building.  Incredible.  This is 1000X more adorable than it even looks.  These kiddos were so wonderful and perfect and well behaved.  And so beautiful.  It was the sweetest schoolroom.

Then it was off to Momma Jane's Orphanage, where 160 kiddos live.  So crazy sweet and incredible.  You could just feel the love the staff had for the children. 

When we become involved in people's lives, work to build relationships, walk with them through their sorrows and their joys, live with generosity towards others, love and care for them unconditionally, stand up for the defenseless, and pay particular attention to the poorest and most vulnerable, we are showing Christ's love to those around us, not just talking about it.  These are the things that plant the seeds of the gospel in the human heart.