Demolition Derby

Can I just say that I am sooo obsessed with demolition derbies? This is my second one for the season and both times they have been a wealth of personality, cool faces and sweet people. These are all from my favorite county down here, Edmonson. Hope you enjoy them! Very busy here - a deadline assignment for class at the evening's high school football games. I will explain when I post the images. Hope all is well where you are...and if you're waiting for pictures, I'm working on them right now :-) Thanks to everyone who is very patient and understanding. School demands a lot of my time and I squeeze the rest in when I can - so thanks again! dsc_3964.jpg

This fellah couldn't remember if he was four or five. I think we finally agreed he was five.


A family from the Hart County Demo Derby this summer. Love. Them.


I'm obsessed with this picture. Much more so than the first one. What a sweet moment.


And a picture of my wonderful friend, Mandy, who tagged along all day, though she didn't have any assignments due - gotta love that. What great friends I've been blessed with. Enjoy your weekend...and your sweet friends.