Denise + Adrian | Shelby County Engagement

Grabbing the last of my batteries and packing the gear into my car and soon I'll be headed to Huber's Winery for Denise and Adrian's vineyard wedding.  So excited!  I met Adrian through one of my brother-friends, Clayton (that's code for, he's my brother from another mother) - they work together at AT&T in town.  I hear all you Shelbyville folks saying, That's why I know him.  Yep, he's one of the helpful ones that fixes all your telephone emergencies.  Mine, too. Funny enough, that's how Adrian met Denise - through the telephone.  Some app that locates folks around you that you can talk with.  They both had the app on their phone and had never used it.  He said hello to her, she replied.  Haven't used it since.  Crazy enough they quickly went on a first date and then Adrian had to move to California as he was in the Marines.  This is the part in the story when they look at eachother on my office couch and say, We just sort of knew, then.  The distance helped us really get to know one another and from our conversations Kentucky - California, we just knew we'd be married.

And today's the day.  I'd like to bet all the money in my wallet that Adrian cries when he sees Denise for the first time.  His love for her is so apparent, in both these images and in spending the little time with them that I have.  They're in my favorite group of clients - always laughing, never too serious, always just glad to be spending time together.  And Adrian just adores Denise.  So lovely.  Enjoy!