Donkey joy.

Have you ever thought about the way we greet one another at church?  "So glad to see you!"   "Glad that you came out today."  "It's so great visiting with you." When was the last time we talked that way outside of a church setting?  I don't recall ever arriving at Kroger, seeing a friend and them saying "So glad to spend time with you!"

What if we acted like that all the time?  What if when you came in my shop I greeted you with a "Pumped to see you coming here more often, do you plan to make it a regular event?"  Aside from being weirded out, maybe the world could be cheerier.  Or at least Shelbyville.

What if we all greeted one another with the joy and friendliness a donkey does?  Just simple, friendly, glad-to-know-ya joy?