Dorothy Meets Alice

Lots going on here with me. This is the last week of class before spring break - and my road trip to Dallas, TX. with friend, Alyssa. I'm wrapping up two wedding processings, one wedding from Indiana, another, well actually they're both Indiana weddings now that I think about it. I started photographing my project on girls growing up too fast. Now I'm more confused than ever about the state of women after spending the better part of today in an elementary school. Oh well, there is definitely lots of content, just having a hard time defining what I would like to focus on. Any of you teachers reading have input, ideas....I would love to hear your take on the situation.

Last, but not least here are a couple more images from Dorothy Meets Alice, the play Shelby County High School did. The first is my super stellar summer assistant, Corie, as Alice with a classmate. The second is my silly middle sister, Sara, getting her hair done for playing Dorothy.



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