Dr. White's Office Makeover

Well, this sweet little blog post is about as overdue as they come, but since this sweet lady (and family!) received some awesome news this week, I thought I'd share this little bubble of encouragement.  A few months ago one I met the White family on a trip to Atlanta - well, I met a few of the male Whites....not the lovely Dr. White quite yet.  Started talking with them here and there once we got back and heard they were working to adopt from Africa - CHECK! Interest peaked. From time to time our clients, especially those new to town, will call up and ask for recommendations on a dentist, a florist, but most often - a pediatrician.  I would go about asking clients via tele who I knew had special instances that made them a prime rep for a good recommendation or I'd post a facebook survey real quick and the votes would always come back unanimous for Future Hope Pediatrics...a Dr. Laura.  Well.  In typical Elizabeth fashion, it took me a looonnngggggg time to connect Dr. Laura to the White boys, but she is, indeed, their wife and Momma.  She's got a heart of gold, folks.  She's helped to educate and carry one of my most dear friends through one of the scariest and fragile times in her life as a new Mom, she's tirelessly advocated for the orphan and just this week she got news of the newest little White kiddo to come along - a little Ugandan boy will soon head home to claim his ironic last name. And get to have one of the coolest  pediatrician Mommas around.

I've seen this sweet lady answer panic calls late, late, late at night about sore throats, fevers and rashes.  She's always in the hallway during church returning calls and texts of parents experiencing a kiddo emergency and from what I hear, she speaks each word of comfort with the utmost grace and encouragement - something new mommies, especially, need to hear!  Bottom line she's always going, going, going and loving so many of our communities kiddos and families like they're her own.  So selfless.

So I got a Facebook message from sweet Kristine, who had been helped so much by Dr. White's friendship in a time of need.  She had been spending time cleaning Laura's office and praying over her clients and really wanted to get a team together to freshen up Laura's offices.  Hello interior decorating....one of my most favorite things...everrrrr!  We set a date, made plans to decorate (I would say redecorate, but that would assume the place was cute to begin with - sorry Laura - we all know it's true ;) ), gathered a team of mommas and got to work.

So incredible to see around 30 folks come together to sand and paint desks, gather coloring books for patients, make coat racks and pin boards, handcraft frames and completely clean and sanitize a work kitchen.  We planted flowers, swept and cleaned, sewed curtains, painted an Africa mural and made signs for Laura's bow sales.  And it was all effortless.  People showed up, and Kristine and I gave them jobs.  Some people just dropped their handiwork by, while others brought over sweet gifts - like a cross from Ethiopia that was obtained on a trip to adopt a family's kiddo.  I just loved hearing the stories of how Laura had helped so many and I loved just a bit more seeing these moms find folks to keep their kiddos so they could give up a weekend to serve someone who had served them.  Just love it.  Hope you enjoy these sweet photos - wish we had taken more before images, but take my word for it - sparse and bland describe before.  Nearly everything is new in these posts - sparkly and wonderful - just like Laura.  Enjoy!

The entrance Dr. White uses - new floor mat, some sweet flowers and a little sidewalk chalk art!We refinished the bulletin board that educates patients a bit about Laura's love for Uganda and her fundraising efforts that benefit one of our favorite children and baby's homes.  My sweet friend, Jessica, made these awesome little Africa-shaped hook racks.  Bird houses got replaced, desks refinished, outdoor furniture resprayed, hook racks created and hung and even a sweet bird feeder swing from Reese McClain - the first time I got to see how amazing and selfless Dr. White really is when it comes to loving her patients and their families.  The Branger's family crafted these amazing wood frames from scratch.  That's right - their sweet Dad does woodworking and made these amazing frames by hand that keep my photographs from Uganda safe and beautiful.  We hung burlap + chicken wire message boards a Momma made, and adorned them with love notes Laura's clients had written her.  A neighboring OBGYN dropped flowers for her desk by and we covered the place with little slices of Africa at every turn.  My awesome friend Jessica also made these incredible pallet boards for the sick and well rooms!  The sick room says "do not fear, for I am with you" and the well room sign boasts "it is well with my soul."  Love.  We recovered her client photo boards at the entrance of the office with burlap and made them a bit more tidy.  Burlap valances were crafted for each of the windows and hung with care (kiddos 5-12 helped me with these - so awesome) and a giant Africa was stenciled on the wall and filled in with a heart over Uganda.  So.  Awesome.  And then I let myself into Laura's office early Monday morning and waited for her to come in.  Now, I'll tell you this - Laura and I share one giant common point - we don't cry.  We don't like to cry, we don't want to see others cry, we don't have time for crying - but this sweet lady wept.  The love that her clients showed her was truly astounding.  I only wish we could have photographed all the faces that came to help for her to see!  See those folks behind her in the hall?  Those are her parents and also her beloved nurse, GranJan - they wept, too.  So sweet.  This photo was  mix of shock at seeing me and slowly realizing what had happened to her little office.  Thanks again to ALL of Laura's friends who came together to help make such an awesome surprise for such a great doctor.  Love her and this effort so much!