I would just like to say that the stunning Dylan is my #1 blog stalker - and I sincerely appreciate her efforts! Dylan and I go way back to art class, my senior year. She kept it fun - and we discovered then that we both ride saddlebreds. To boot, Dylan's dad, Jerry Hutson, trains saddlebreds. Needless to say we made a stop at Jerry's barn to shoot Dylan's pony, Booger - and got to shoot her three dogs too. Hope you enjoy her fabulous eyes!So serious... hutson066.jpg hutson005.jpg Sweet, sweet, Booger...sorta. hutson023.jpg There are about 100 of this image, all the rest crazy and unorganized. The dogs all had their own agendas :-) hutson029.jpg Smokin! hutson044.jpg hutson047.jpg hutson053.jpg This is so, genuinely Dylan. hutson070.jpg hutson096.jpg hutson100.jpg Thanks for stalking...I know you're out there. Sure wish you'de comment.