Elizabeth | Martha Layne Collins High School Photographer

I'm a wee bit jealous of Elizabeth's pictures.  Why, do you ask, would I be jealous of her pictures, that I took?  Well....confession...blue eyes are my favorite thing on all of the Earth.  My littlest sister got them, lots of people have them really, but I have always wanted them to go with my dark hair.  And not that hazel/brown is bad, I just always love blue eyes and dark hair, thus my jealousy of Elizabeth's senior pictures. She's soo stunner in so many of them.  And much of this I attribute to her kind spunk, her comfortable way of being, those adorable freckles and of course, the blue eyes and the auburn hair.  I hope these images speak volumes to her sweetness and that you can see her genius in some of them.  She spent the past summer at Murray for GSP and next fall she'll be heading to college to enter the medical field, like her parents.  Super exciting, if you ask me, and much to be proud of.  Hope you love these!  Enjoy!