Ellen + Brandon | Louisville Maternity Photographer

We started out climbing a steep flight of stairs and joking about maternity pictures.  You know.  With an 8-month pregnant lady. Don't worry, it was totally worth it.  And Brandon was there to carry our things and catch us if we fell.  It was all good.  Sweet Ellen wanted her images to be heavy on the black and whites and mostly about the love she shares with Brandon and the bump she carries around for baby Emma Rae.  Lots of pretty, a little bump and lots of relaxed fun.  So we headed to my favorite downtown Shelbyville vacant second floor and went to work.  Thus the stairs. I hope these images show you what a quiet, excited love that Ellen and Brandon have for baby Emma Rae.  We joked about their excitement for doing maternity pictures.  They totally had it.  Early, smiley, bopping around - I love so much the anticipation of the last months of pregnancy.  The glow, the stillness, the way every little dress, each blanket and all the teddy bears hold so much promise.  You just wait until baby Emma gets here.  Her next round of pictures I am sure you will see these two even more pumped. And little Emma, she's going to be a stunning lady like her momma and she even has pretty good odds for blue eyes.  Something I'm super excited about.  Enjoy!

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