Ellie Watts | Kentucky Senior Photography

She'll have you from hello.  With her smiley eyes, her bouncy attitude and her natural way of conversing.  It's almost like she's much older and wiser.  Really.  From the start, Ellie's session was easy and carefree....she looks like a tree hugger, super model and the girl next door all in one.  All in the best way possible.  And she really is as much fun as she looks like. And her tennis skills I was quite impressed by.  She served up those tennis balls for a while, getting them stuck in the fence with her muscles.  If it was me....I would definately managed to actually make the racket touch only every tenth ball - and that's if I was realll lucky.  People with hand eye coordination always amuse me.  Lame.  I know.

Ellie taught me about the joys of opening a pack of tennis balls, too.  It was something like walking into a swept tack room of freshly cleaned saddles for me.  The seal's snap, the acrylic/felt/plastic/rubber scent, the crisp neon.  She's obsessed.  And it's super cute.  And so are her pictures.  I hope they speak volumes to her personality, charm and kind wit.  Enjoy!